3 Popular Bridal Beauty Treatments That Should Never Be Done Before Wedding Day

As a bride, it becomes extremely difficult to decide what bridal treatment to take and what facials to start doing. Do they work? How long do they work? And can they cause any damage to the skin that may make a bride look worse on their wedding day?

Well, luckily, I am here to dispel your concerns and guide you on what to avoid beauty-wise for your wedding day.

#1. Salon facials

Salon facials are a definite no for pre-bridal skin. I know that seems counterintuitive as it seems nearly everyone is getting facials before their wedding. But, the fact is that most salon facials can end up with a slew of harmful skin effects such as skin irritation, allergy, and the most feared of all, zits.

Studies have proven that amongst South Asians who get facials in India, nearly 47% get acne about 7-21 days later. So, those zits that may have popped up around your event– easily could have been caused by the facial. This is because salon facials usually use approximately 8-10 separate products, any of which can contain up to hundreds of ingredients each.

Most women have sensitive skin, so applying so many different products is almost, always a recipe for disaster.

#2. New home remedies

Now, almost every bride I meet has a story of trying a home pack that her grandmother or her aunt or her friend’s great grand-aunt told her that was guaranteed to make her glow. In each of those cases, either there was no result, or some form of irritation occurred.

Now, this does not mean that home remedies cannot help, but it is vital to avoid trying any new methods right before your wedding. No one can know how your skin will react prior to your wedding, and there are many natural ingredients that can actually irritate your skin and make it more sensitive.

One common ingredient that can really cause problems is lemon, which is known to sometimes even cause a mild skin burn and make you more sensitive to the sun.

#3. Peels

Peels are well-known throughout the beauty world for giving your skin a glow and working on a number of concerns including acne and pigmentation. However, right before the wedding, trying peels for the first time may not be such a good idea.

It’s important to know how your skin responds and how to manage your post-peel skin. This applies to those young women who have never had a peel before! I have met brides who decided to get a peel done a day or two before their wedding for the first time and ended up with severe anxiety on their wedding day because their skin was dry, peeling, and sensitive.

Their makeup wouldn’t sit right and they looked dry on their very wedding day! To those brides, I caution you to get your peel at least a week before your events. This allows you to enjoy the result of the peel, without worrying about your makeup!

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