5 Little Mistakes Even Smart Women Make at Work


Gone are the days when women are only devoted to the in-house work. The woman of today is powerful enough to maintain the balance between her professional and personal life. As a matter of fact, women are more efficient and responsible at work as compared to men. In spite of all the achievements and proficiency at work there are some little mistakes even a smart women can make at work.

If you are a professional woman and are good at your work, it will be beneficial for you to focus on little areas to avoid these little mistakes. Though, these little mistakes may sound unimportant to you, but being a smart woman, you should better avoid these to keep your professional life away from their negative impacts. Following are the 5 little mistakes even smart women make at work:

Balance your attitude

The unbalanced attitude is one of the 5 little mistakes even smart women make at work. Don’t try to be too harsh with your colleagues. At the same time, don’t try to be over friendly with them. Being too friendly or being too harsh is one of the little mistakes that mostly smart women ignore in their attitude. Always remember that being a smart woman you have to act professionally with your colleagues. You can avoid these little mistakes by balancing your attitude at work and show your reaction according to the situation.

Don’t come late

Most smart women think that if they are good at their work, coming late to office wouldn’t matter their bosses. Whether you are coming 10 minutes late or 15 minutes late, always remember that you are making one of the 5 little mistakes that can affect your professional profile. Being a smart woman, you should realize that all things have been taken under notice and your frequent little mistakes can put heavy burden on your shoulders in some critical situation.

Don’t look too hot

One of the 5 little mistakes even smart women make at work is their dress-up. You know you are a smart woman, but don’t try to show off this with your over dressing. You can avoid these little mistakes by dressing up intelligently and professionally. Always make sure that you shouldn’t look too hot to distract your colleagues and boss. Looking hot is one of the top 5 little mistakes that can hurt your professional image.

Don’t Trash your old colleagues/boss

One of the top 5 little mistakes even smart women make at work is trashing their old office and colleagues. While having a conversation at work, don’t ever try to trash your old boss. By doing so, you will be considered as a back-biter and people will not feel good for you. Rather than giving bad remarks regarding your old job position, act like smart women and switch to other topics. Being friendly with colleagues is surely a habit of smart women, but try to limit your conversations within general topics of interest. Getting into personal conversation is surely one of the top 5 little mistakes.

Don’t Play it too cool

While the professional life is going smooth, one of the 5 little mistakes even smart women make at work is playing the professional life too cool. Whether you are having a tough time at your office or not, you should always act like a smart women and never take the things lighter. Always remember that you are one of the smart women and you are there to work and not to make friends or doing hang-out. Be straight forward and focused in achieving the goals at work. Playing things too cool can put you in troubles.

You are surely one of the smart women and an efficient professional, but have you noticed the small blunders you are making at work. Check out these 5 little mistakes even smart women make at work and assess yourself.

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