How To Cut Your Own Bangs And Not Regret It

Want to learn how to cut your own bangs? We can teach you how to get professional-looking side-swept bangs in this step-by-step tutorial.

We’re also here to let you in on a little secret: you can cut wispy bangs on your own at home and have them turn out just as good as if you had gone to the salon. Insane, right? Why pay for a trim when you can get beautiful side swept bangs in the comfort of your own bathroom? This amazing step-by-step guide from Rose Bud will show you how to cut your own bangs!

Step 1. Set Your Hair

Start by combing back the hair on your crown. After doing this, push the rest of your hair back and tie it into a ponytail. Once you’ve gotten it out of your way, comb the section you’ve designated as your bangs in front of your face.

Tip: Straighten your hair either with a straightening iron or a blow dry before cutting so you know your hair length and tell exactly where your bangs fall.

Step 2. Determine the Length of Your Bangs

Using a pintail comb, determine where your bangs will start and end. Hold the comb vertically and locate the arch of your eyebrow — this is where your bangs should start. Do the same thing on the other side to determine where they should end.

Tip: Use the tip of your pintail comb to make a straight wedge up your hair from the hairline. Do the same to the other side of the bangs and along the top part of your bangs.

Step 3. Work on Straight Hair Lines

After sectioning out the beginning and end of your bangs, even out the top. You’re essentially looking to create a rectangular shape. Make sure the wedge on your bangs is only 1-2 inches. You can make your bangs ticker according to your style, but the ideal measurement is 1 to 2 inches max.

Step 4. Tie Your Back Hair Into a Ponytail

If the sides and top of the bangs are already even, tie any stray hairs into a ponytail. This will prevent the hairs from falling back down. Comb your bangs again.

Step 5. You’re Now Ready for The Cut

Now you’re ready to cut! Hold your bangs and give it a twist then hold on to it to keep it in place. This twist-and-cut technique is for the right-handed where the left hand can do the job of keeping the hair in place while the right-hand does the cutting. This avoids any disastrous situations by ensuring the entire section of your hair isn’t cut at an angle. We instead only want to cut small sections at a time, not the whole thing.

Step 6. Redistribute Your Hair Evenly

After twisting your hair, comb the bangs down and distribute them evenly in your grasp. You will have to cut at an angle from the right side downwards.

Step 7. Cut Your Hair by Section

Time to make the cut! Use professional hair cutting scissors and hold it at an angle as shown below. Cut the hair slowly and make sure you open and close the scissors in every cut. Doing one cut is a big no-no; little cuts are always better. This is especially for those who are learning how to cut side swept bangs for the first time. Cutting your own hair can be nerve-racking so it’s always best to cut (if possible) a few strands of hair at a time.

Step 8. Cut at an Angle

After doing the sidecut, comb the bangs down again, but this time, split them evenly into two parts. Hold the left side of the bangs down with your scissors pointing up. Cut little by little upward, this is to give the bangs edge and body. After cutting the first part, move on to the other part. Make sure to be patient as you cut along either side–it is all worth it.

This is how your side-swept bangs should look by now. It shouldn’t look too freshly cut and the cuts should be edgy.

Step 9. Straighten Your Bangs

After the cut, the next thing to do is the style the hair. A great way to style side-swept bangs is to use a straightening iron. Bump your bangs up by curving your straightening iron in. You wouldn’t want super straight bangs looking too freshly cut.

Step 10. Finish it Off with a Hairspray

For the finishing touch, take your most trusted brand of hairspray and spray your bangs in place.

And you’re all done! Isn’t cutting your own bangs exciting? But before you become scissor happy and try doing it again, refer to this guide to avoid any mistakes, tears and bad photos.

Before and After

There you go, DIY stylists! Side-Swept bangs you can proudly wear and declare you cut yourself. Now you know how to get a salon bangs without a huge cut on your paycheck!

Whatever you want with bangs, whether to make you look younger or to hide your extra wide forehead, you can learn how to cut your own bangs at home. With this step-by-step tutorial, you can cut your bangs at your own phase and just the way you like it. Give expensive hairdressing salons a run for their money with DIY side-swept bangs that rivals the works of professionals!

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