Difference Between BB, CC And DD Creams

The use of BB, CC and DD creams has become too mainstream. The alphabet creams are the combination of tinted moisturizers, foundation and sunscreen. Alphabet creams contain all those things which a woman needs for making her skin look even, glowing and at the same time protective from sun also.

Initially BB creams came in market and now other multitasking CC and DD have entered the marketplace. Are you confused what alphabet cream is best for your skin? Don’t be. We have defined everything you need to know about BB, CC and DD creams. Check the difference and choose the best one for your skin.

BB- BB stands for “Beauty Balm” or “blemish balm”. The BB creams was first formulated by German doctors and used on laser therapy patients. German doctors wanted to make a cream that is multipurpose. So they formulated BB creams to protect skin and for providing coverage after laser treatment.

Later BB creams became highly popular in Asia. In past, you might had use sunscreen, tinted moisturizer and foundation separately to hide your skin imperfections but now BB creams take all the workout of making your skin smooth, even and flawless. It is multipurpose cream that is packed with multitude of skincare benefits along with sun protection properties. From brightening and lightening and hiding blemishes to improvement in skin tone, the BB creams are skin care darling.

BB creams can be used as tinted moisturizer, primer and foundation. You don’t have to apply it the way you use sunscreen. A thin layer is just perfect for making skin even and better skin tone. The BB creams give less coverage and therefore suitable for young girls whose skin don’t need too much makeup. 

CC- The CC stands for “color corrector” or “coverage control” and refined form of BB creams. The skin friendly cream is packed in vitamin C and E and is complexion perfector. It has the property of color adopting pigments and even skin tone by hiding redness, pigmentation and sallow complexion. It focuses on color correction and also has the ability to protect your skin from sun just like BB creams.

It is lighter than BB and you don’t have to apply foundation or concealer to neutralize your skin tone while using CC creams. It acts as foundation, skin brightener, primer, sun protector as well as anti aging cream. So boost your beauty and complexion by using CC creams. If you have dark complexion, spots and acne on skin, redness or any other skin related problem, CC creams are perfect for you.

DD- The wonders of alphabets are not end here. DD creams have recently appeared in market. The full form of DD is “daily defense” cream. DD is the new version by combination of properties of both BB and CC creams. DD does not merely focus on complexion but its main focus is to diminish anti aging symptoms. The best thing about DD creams is that they are heavy textured creams that not only target face but also body and feet.

Throughout use of DD creams, diminish wrinkles and fine-lines from skin. It can be incorporated in daily usage makeup products that balance skin tone and also provide protection to most delicate areas of face. The DD creams are perfect for those who want to reduce signs of aging like wrinkles and blemishes from your skin.

Alphabet creams like BB, CC and DD are multipurpose creams that make skin even, improve skin tone and also provide protection against sun exposure.

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