Dos And Don’ts To Make Your Bridal Mehndi Dark & Beautiful

Application of mehndi on the hands and feet of the bride on the occasion of wedding represents a very important ritual. In this regard the superstition is that darker your mehndi gets; you can expect more love from your husband.

This remains a general belief in our part of the world. Keeping this in mind, we provide you tips to ensure that the mehndi is not only dark but also beautiful.

1. Hands must be very clean

In case your hands already have cream or lotion on them, the mehndi is not likely to have the required shade. So it is necessary to wash your hands in a way that they are clean and dry and will accept the application of mehndi.

2. Use a combination of sugar and lemon juice

When the mehndi has been applied, wait for it to start drying. When this happens apply a mixture of lemon juice and sugar mixed in it and place it on the mehndi. Do not worry if the mixture feels sticky, as this stickiness will enable the mehndi stay on and not peel off.

3. It is not right to sit under the sun

During the process of application of mehndi, it is not right to sit under the sun as this will dry up the mehndi rather quickly and thus there won’t be enough time for the mehndi to do its job.

4. Also apply mustard oil

About 30 minutes before you plan to take off the mehndi, it is useful to put mustard oil on your palm. Through this application the mehndi will settle and with the warmness of the oil, the shade will become darker.

5. make use of vicks

It must be ensured that the mehndi is applied at a time that you can schedule to take it off at night. After the mehndi is taken off you can apply Vicks on your hands and then sleep.

6. Do not remove mehndi with water

It is not right to remove mehndi through washing of the hands because the mehndi will not acquire the darkness require. The suggestion is use a butter knife and the mehndi must be taken off in a gentle manner. Another method is to brush your hands on paper and get rid of the mehndi.

7. Use of Gloves

If you can keep your hands warm, it will help the mehndi to become darker. It is not necessary to blow dry, in fact remember that the hands just have to be kept warm. Once you have applied Vicks it would be OK to wear gloves and then sleep. Through this procedure you will find the results amazing.

8. Do not Wax

Avoid scrubbing or waxing after mehndi application as the chances are that mehndi will be either removed or destroyed.

9. The most appropriate way to make sure mehndi gets dark

In this regard, the essential thing is that water must be avoided. As a bride you would won’t to do important actions like brushing of teeth, washing of face and other related things but you have to keep in mind that you are the bride and you cannot take any chances. A helping hand can be provided by your near and dear ones.

Another method is to cover up your hands with polythene so that the hand doesn’t get in touch with water and also make sure that you do not wear the polythene for too long a time as the hands may start getting sweaty.

Follow these tips for making sure that your bridal mehndi is dark and beautiful.

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