Eye Makeup Techniques for Different Eye Shapes

Eye makeup is a tricky thing that can botch up if you do not know the correct technique. For starters, you must know the shape of your eyes before you experiment with different eye shadows and makeup. I have made a list of tips that will tell you how to know your eye shape and what makeup to apply on them to accentuate their desirable look or dimish the unwanted look.

Before we proceed, let us be clear that we know that most of the eyes have two basic areas; 1). Eyelid & 2). Under-brow. Knowing this will help you understand your eye shape and the relevant makeup technique.

1. Basic Eyes:

Basic eyes are those where no one area of your eye is more prominent than other. For such eyes, you should apply three different eye-shadows (llight, medium and midtone color) & their blend on your eyes to accentuate and highlight them as a whole. If you use two shades, your eyes will look flat and shallow.

2. Prominent Eyes:

These are eyes that tend to bulge out of your face. You would want eye makeup that will make your eyes look basic. For such eyes, use highlights (with light shades) on your eyelids & browbone, midtone (dark shade) on crease and the accent (darkest color) on the outer portion of the eye.

3. Droopy Eyes:

You have droopy eyes if the out corner of your eyes turns slightly downward. These are also known as puppy eyes. For such eyes, keep the makeup off of the outer corner of yoru eyes. Use three shades; light highlight, dark midtone and darkest accent. This will give your eyes a visible lift.

4. Hooded Eyes:

These are the eyes which seem a bit puffed-up with the eyelids appearing seemingly full. Use light shade under eyebrow, medium color from base to top lash and accent on top of medium color layer.

5. Deep Set:

Eyes that seem deeply embedded in the eye sockets are known as deep set eyes. Use a highlight shade on crease and eyelid, midtone just above the crease and contour shade on the outer corner of upper lash line.

6. Wide Set:

Are those eyes that are spaced widely apart. For such eyes, you need to darken the inside hollows of your eyes which will make the eyes appear compact. Once done, you can proceed with the regular makeup.

7. Close Set:

These are narrow eyes with small distance between them. For such eyes, upper eye liner is a must. You should avoid eye liner on your lower lid. Keep the eye shades intense at far corner of the eye and brush the light shade from the inner corner to middle.

Hide your deshaped eyes or accentuate their almond-shaped look with the handy eye makeup tips.

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