How To Grow Hair Faster – Thicker and Longer Hair

Well, tweaking your everyday routine just by a little bit will enable you to grow hair faster. Whether it is using certain hair products or masks, or improving your vitamin and mineral intake, we have it all listed for you. 

So go on, read and abide for silky, long, lustrous hair.

Trim frequently To Grow Hair Faster

Many have questioned this method, but it actually works! To keep your hair healthy, it is best to get regular trims. We are not asking you to shop of inches, just a basic trim to get rid of split ends and eliminate breakage. Split ends leave the hair thinner and lead to loss of length, shine and volume. They also affect the smoothness of the hair.

TIP: A trim every three months is recommended.

Reduce Frequency of Colouring

Whenever you go in for a hair colour treatment, the hair needs to be bleached before any colour can be applied to it. This bleaching process reduces the chances of growing hair faster. The hair cuticles are damaged with bleach, which also increases the problem of breakage and split ends. Experts suggest that if you are looking to grow your hair faster, opt-out of chemical treatment for that period.

TIP: Regular oiling will help improve hair growth.

Brush Your Hair Before Going to Bed

Yes, you are tired from a long day, and you just want to bed, so it’s tempting to leave your hair unkemptBrushing your hair for a few strokes, however, will be great to boost the blood circulation in your scalp while you get some shut-eye. Use a broad brush that suits your hair, and brush away to release the scalp’s natural oils.

TIP: When you have the time, massage your scalp for a few minutes as well, to better the circulation.

Eat right For Hair Growth

Faster hair growth doesn’t only depend on correct hair care, but also on proper nutrition. Apart from the products on your hair, it is also what you put into the body. To provide nutrition for hair growth, you need to increase protein intake. This can be done with the correct foods like meat, fish, pulses, nuts, eggs, and whole grains.

Calcium is also necessary for faster hair growth, so include lots of eggs, milk, and milk products in your diet. Experts advise those who maintain a vegetarian diet to aim a protein-rich diet for good quality hair. It’s also important to get in vitamins A, C, and E, minerals like zinc and iron, and omega-3 fatty acids.

TIP: Create delicious dishes from protein-rich foods to get your daily dose.

Stay Away From Styling Tools

The heat from styling tools like blow dryers, curling irons, straightening irons etc damages the hair in a way that affects hair growth. It also weakens the strands, leading to breakage. This kind of hair is easily susceptible to frizz as well.

TIP: If you have to use a styling tool, apply a heat protectant spray before doing it.

Don’t Shampoo Every Day

Clean hair is something everyone strives for, especially in the sultry weather. To feel fresh, often we tend to wash our hair every day, in order to get rid of dust and grime. But did you know it is something which hampers fast hair growthShampooing every day will dry out the hair, making it weak. Reduce your hair wash regime to twice or thrice a week. This will allow natural oils to penetrate your follicles, giving it time to hydrate and repair.

TIP: Once a week, indulge in a deep conditioning treatment to improve hair growth.

Rinse Your Hair With Cold Water After Your Shower

A steamy shower will help you get the tiredness out of your pores but is bad news for your skin and hair. At most, use lukewarm water, and at the very least, rinse your hair with a final mug of cold water, or room temperature water. This helps seal in the cuticles of the hair and will provide strength to the hair fibres.

TIP: Use a drop of essential oil in this mug of water to have your hair fragrant all day long.

Be Gentle With Wet Hair

The hair fibres can easily break when they are wet, so don’t rub your towel vigorously to dry it. Be gentle with your strokes, and run your towel in one direction—from roots to ends—to dry it. Also, avoid brushing immediately after a hair wash. If you have hair that entangles easily, run your fingers through wet hair to detangle it. Start gently from the ends working your way up slowly. In this case, patience is key, so you don’t end up breaking your hair.

TIP: If you have unmanageable knots, opt for a wide-toothed comb instead.

Use a Pillowcase Made of Silk

Well, wouldn’t you want wonders to keep working when you are getting your beauty sleep? It is possible to grow your hair faster when sleeping. All you have to do is sleep on a silk pillowcase since the fabric is easier on hair. It helps avoid tangles and breakage. The less breakage your hair experiences, the longer your hair will be.

TIP: If you keep away from any kind of screen before going to bed, it will improve the quality of sleep, which in turn will improve the quality of your hair.

How to grow hair faster: FAQs 

Will rubbing my scalp with essential oils help in faster hair growth?

Yes, in fact, rubbing your scalp with any oil will stimulate the blood flow and help hair to grow naturally. Use a drop or two of essential oil with a base oil such as cold-pressed coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil. Rub this on the scalp and massage for about 10 minutes. Leave it on for at least an hour before washing it off. If possible, leave it on all night. Benefits of oils for hair:

  • Peppermint oil will help improve blood circulation.
  • Tea tree oil will help soothe the scalp and provide relief from dandruff.
  • Lemon oil will promote healthy hair growth.

Will hair packs help in growing hair faster?

Using natural hair packs regularly will aid in hair growth. You need to find one that suits your skin and hair the most. There are many variations and varieties to choose from, depending on the type of hair you have. You need to find the right mix to remove grime and dust, deep cleanse the scalp, assist in moisturising, improve hair quality and promote hair growth. Many of these can be mixed together right on your kitchen platform with simple ingredients. Take your pick from honey and lemon to avocado and olive oil, to enable your hair to grow to its full potential in a short span of time. Use other natural products like amla, shikakai, henna, onion juice, coconut milk, and so on to nourish your tresses and boost hair growth, while maintaining the overall health of your hair.

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