How to walk Elegantly in Heels

The most popular star of movie world in the 1950s, Marilyn Monroe once said: “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world,”. If we decode this utterance of hers, we can say with certainty that she was talking of heels.

No doubt heels have a part to play in the life of the female whether it be in the board room environment or in the bar. Lets  reveal to you some of the secrets relating to wearing of heels in the right way.

Tip 1:

If you are wearing a heel you have to avoid putting your complete foot down in one go. The essential thing to remember is that when you are wearing heel s, it is necessary to put the heel down and the toe must follow. In this way the walk will look smooth and graceful.

Tip 2:

When wearing heels, you have avoid taking a big step. The steps that you take have to be smaller and what must be ensured is that the number of steps you take are appropriately distanced. The steps may not be baby like but they should not be long strides.

Tip 3:

Fast pace of walk in heel is not too natural and makes the movement rather awkward. By taking smaller steps the balance is better and besides this walking slow reflects confidence and grace.

Tip 4:

There is a limit to maintaining fast walking pace when you wear heels. One must understand that heels do not allow unreasonable pace. In case you try this you end up putting your neck forward in order to make up the imbalance which gives a peculiar look. So the trick is to lean just the slightest bit back.

Tip 5:

You have to visualize the straight line in order to achieve good results. You must keep the end point and view. Walking in heels can become really graceful if you look at the goal point. While walking do not look at your heels as you walk, instead keep looking straight.

Here are some expert tips from around the Web that will help you all walk a little better in heels.

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