Sephora Nail Polish Pods, One Time Use Nail Enamels

Sephora, a cosmetic brand has opened up a game changing product in nail polishes. You know how every time you go to the drugstore or beauty supply store and you end up leaving with some kind of nail polish that you love and want to use right away?

But once you reach home, your excitement for that nail enamel wears after trying it on once or twice and then it’s just lying there within your dressing table drawer waiting for you to re-use it. If you’re that kind of woman who faces such issue, do not worry at all, because over at Formula X and Sephora the team had the same problem, and they created the Press Pods collection.

Basically, they are teeny-tiny, single-use polish capsules that hold just enough for two coats of polish. The set comes with 24 bestselling shades, ranging from glitters to metallic to creams, in bright to more everyday neutral colors, with a variety that is bound to catch everyone’s eye.

This collection containing 24 one-time-use pods of Formula X’s bestselling shades allows polish lovers, like yourself, to try on colors and find your favorites before you decide on buying a bigger bottle. It is kind of like a tester that you can take home and apply once or twice. Each pod has just enough polish to give you a two-coat mani and pedi and has a built-in brush.

By purchasing this collection, you can paint your nails 24 times. Personally we consider it a pretty fair bargain for its customers. With nail polish prices as high as $15 a bottle, and rising salon prices, this collection is a no brainer. And the colors of the collection would not disappoint you at all because there is something for everybody in there.


If you Love trying new nail colors but hate buying/wasting an entire bottle for a one- or two-time use, Sephora polish pods are just the thing for you. And the best part is that they are awesome for travelling with their small size and shatter proof packaging, you can put them in almost anywhere and take them along in any trip you like.

Clever little "Press Pods" with built-in brushes and enough polish are delivered in a smooth flow that can allow you to cover all ten of your nails in two simple coats. This thing is best for amateurs because it’s very easy to use.


"We know our guests love to experiment with new nail shades, and this allows them to preview our 24 bestselling Formula X shades before committing to a full-sized bottle," said Kristin Walcott, vice president and general manager for Formula X, Sephora’s brand incubator."You pop off the top of the pod, roll the brush between your fingers and a dot of nail polish will appear from the middle of the brush. Apply it in the center of the nail, and brush."


If you are the kind of girl who wants new colors on their nails everyday and does not want to buy big bottle of polish that go to waste, Sephora polish pods are just the thing for you.

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