Simple Methods To Take Care Of Your Feet

Have you ever walked into a room and noticed someone's feet and said, "Oh my god! Look at the beautiful and smooth feet they have.

It is not a myth that a lot can be said about a person's hygiene just by looking at their feet. Some of us tend to ignore our feet until the last minute when those cracks and blemishes are difficult to repair. Here's a great and easy way to get your feet looking smooth and sensual again.

wash your feet

As simple as it sounds, most of us don't. When you have a long day behind you, there is nothing more relaxing than soaking your feet in a tub of warm, soapy water. You can then rinse, dry and apply the foot cream as you wish. Not only does it relieve stress, but it is also one of the most natural and effective ways to prevent stretch marks and dry skin. The best part is that you can do this while you are watching a show on TV or have a few phone calls after you get home from work.

Brush between your toes

It is very important to rub a little between your toes every time you wash your feet in the shower / tub. Your feet are sweating like any other part of your body, and clinging to tight shoes won't help either. Debris and dirt can build up between your toes and is easy to miss. A gentle brushing takes less than a minute. So the feet are not only odorless, but also prevent skin diseases.

Buy the shoes at the right time

Your feet have been known to swell a little every day. Hence, it is recommended to buy shoes later in the day. Any shoe that feels comfortable with the widest feet is comfortable at any time of the day. This will help you find the “right pair” of shoes that are both hard to find and add an extra boost to your gait.

Use sunscreen

If you go out in the sun and wear sandals, put some sunscreen on your feet. The skin of the feet is no different from the rest of the body and burns with prolonged exposure to the sun. Whether it's for a quick change in the gym or that romantic date on the couch, you want your feet to be smooth and silky, right?


There are many foot cleaners on the market. Find the one that best suits your skin type and rub your feet, especially your heels, which are regularly prone to cracking. This will remove the dead skin and make your feet feel softer.

Don't ignore your nails

Messy toenails are no fun. Be sure to trim your nails regularly. Don't dig, squeeze, or squeeze the nail clipper too hard to reach the corners of your feet. Here's a great tip - it is easiest to trim your nails right after you shower / bathe as it will make your nails softer.


Walking, exercising, stretching and moving; It's as simple as that. This will keep the blood flow in your feet strong. It goes a long way in keeping your feet healthy. When exercising, make sure you have a suitable pair of shoes that are neither too tight nor too loose, but just enough to allow your feet to breathe.

Use foot spray

There are many foot spray fragrances to choose from. It often happens that you wear sneakers or canvas shoes and then have to take them off, but you are with a friend. It would be very embarrassing because you are giving off a foot odor. If this happens, keep a lavender or lime scented foot spray in your bag so that you can spray your feet quickly.

This is a great savior.

When your feet are rough or cracked, you never know when to take off those shoes and find yourself in an embarrassing situation. These tips will ensure that your feet always have a sensual look.

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