Spa Manicure Tips

We often spend time on pampering our body, go for different body massages to pamper ourselves and what not. But what often happens is that we forget that it is equally important to take care of your hands and feet too. Spa treatments are equally important for your hands and feet as they are for the rest of your body. Your hands are exposed to dirt, germs, sunlight and what not. Hands get tanned very easily and it is necessary that you give your hands a good spa manicure once in a while. Now what really is a spa manicure? Spa manicure is a special type of manicure which relaxes your hand muscles and gives your hands a fresh feel.

If you are planning to get your spa manicure done at home, you need to collect the basic spa manicure products. Make sure you select the best possible products for your hands and also keep in mind that the spa manicure products which you are using do not cause any allergy on your hands. Do not bother about the price when it comes to spa manicure since it is okay to pamper your hands and nails once in a while. The spa manicure is a little expensive as compared to normal manicure even if you do it yourself at home. Try to get herbal spa manicure products, since keeping it natural is always the best option.

Starting with the spa manicure, make sure your hands and nails are cleaned. Remove the old nail polish if there is any. Now warm some water in a tub and use scented soaps in it. After the water is perfectly warm and the soaps are mixed well in it, soak your hand in it for ten minutes. While doing so, gently rub your hands once in a while. You can listen to some good music while the cleaning process of the spa manicure is taking place. Now take out your hands and pat them dry with a towel gently. Soaking them in water will help the cuticles get soft and you can easily remove any dirt left, if there is any.

Moving on to the next step of your spa manicure, use a scrubber and scrub your knuckles. Do it very gently. Use a good quality scrub and scrub the hands with it. While scrubbing, make sure you are not rubbing your hands firmly. This will help you remove the dead skin. Now use a good quality nail moisturizer on your nails and gently clean them too. Scented nail butters are also available in market. You can use one instead of a nail moisturizer too. Keep on scrubbing till ten minutes or so.

Use a good hand mask which is free from bleach or any other harmful ingredients afterwards. You can use a brush for this purpose. After you have brushed your hands with the hand mask, keep it for some time. After fifteen minutes, when the mask gets dried, soak your hands in clean, warm water again. The mask gets off at this stage. Wrap your hand in a damp and warm towel. Apply a moisturizing lotion at this stage of your spa manicure if you like after taking your hands out of the towel.

After you are with done applying the lotion for your spa manicure, use oils for the hands. The oils can help you get rid of the stress of your hands. Gently massage the soothing oils through your hands and go gently through the pressure points. Do this for about another fifteen minutes. Remove the excess oil with the warm towel. You can apply a nice hand cream after oiling your hands at the end of the spa manicure. Now let your hands breath for some time. You can apply a natural toned nail color after you are done with the spa manicure.

The spa manicure is unique and different from a regular manicure and it will surely help you get the perfect hands in a very short time too. Spa manicure proves to be helpful in relaxing the hand muscles too.

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