Anusheh Asad talks to Fashion Central

1.Which part of Pakistan do you hail from?


2. What is your Zodiac sign?


3. Where were you schooled?

A True Blue-Blooded Grammarian, I was in Lahore Grammar School from Montessori to A-Levels.

4. Were you involved in any sports during your school days?

I was very athletic back in school and was on the netball and baseball school teams.

5. After being chosen out of a population of 170 million people to represent the world’s leading beauty brand, do you feel you have come a long way in your profession?

I feel so blessed and fortunate to be chosen. Achieving such a big milestone so early in my career is a very big deal for me.

6. Tell us a bit about your work as a makeup artist/stylist?

I have always been inspired and fascinated with beauty and culture and I believe in experimentation with make up and developing one’s own individual style. I established my makeup studio, Studio 51, in what is easily recognised as Pakistan’s most beauty conscious city, Lahore. I do, and am interested in, all kinds of make-up, from bridal, engagement and party/evening makeup to makeup for fashion shows, shoots and theatrical makeup. I give personalised makeup classes by the name of D.I.Y. 51 which are a big hit. I was writing the very popular article ‘the beauty box’ for a renowned weekly publication, for over a year, with quick, stylish and effective beauty tips and fixes for our Pakistani women. I am also frequently invited on various channels as an expert to discuss topics related to my field. I did the hair, the makeup and styling for the famous musical Chicago, have worked with designers from Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad and have made up brides from Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar.

7. How difficult is it in your opinion to balance your personal life with your professional life, as sometimes it can be difficult for a working woman?

I am a strong believer of positivity and mind power. If you convince yourself you can do it, nothing seems difficult. I have also been blessed with a very supportive husband Masha’Allah, so we manage.

8. Today 51% of the population of our country are women, how do you feel they can progress and play a more active role in the country?

We need to realise the full potential of all individuals, man or woman, who can contribute to our economy, no matter what scale of magnitude. No nation can rise to the height of glory unless your women are side by side with you. Women need to be educated and liberated. More political representation needs to be given. One must take into account the considerable improvement; however, I feel there is still room for change in perception.

9. Ten years from now, where do you want to see the progressive women of Pakistan?

A decade down the lane I would like to see women take on roles in all walks of life, exuding confidence and self reliance. 

10. What makes a woman beautiful?

Inner beauty is what makes a woman beautiful in the true sense of the word.  

11. What defines beauty and glamour in your opinion?

Individuality and confidence

12. How do you feel being part of L’Oréal Paris?

I know that being chosen by L’Oréal Paris is going to be a life time experience as the brand is known to choose the crème-da-la-crème from all over the world. It’s an honour and I feel great prestige.

13. Do you have any personal goals you hope to achieve by being the brand spokesperson for L’Oréal Paris, how do you want to utilise this platform?

One of my personal goals is to be recognized as an exceptional makeup artist/stylist in the region and being a L’Oréal Paris spokesperson will add a considerable distinction between me and the rest of the competition.

14. What is the most thrilling or challenging aspect of being part of the largest cosmetic and beauty brand in the world?

Representing an accomplished brand deputes immense responsibility on an individual. One has to maintain ones own aura of excellence in order to complement the brand.

15. To what extent do you think you can represent Pakistani culture and beauty being a L’Oréal Paris brand spokesperson?

Pakistan has a distinct culture and extraordinary beauty. Maintaining our cultural values, I am confident in putting Pakistani beauty on a prestigious platform of elegance.

16. Considering the problems the country is facing today, do you think you can use this platform to send a positive message across internationally?

I am a true patriot and I don’t lose any opportunity to project a positive image of Pakistan. I will definitely take this platform to further the cause.

17. If you were to pick a charitable cause, which one would you pick?

Education, hands down.

18. You have garnered so much success and acclaim in your field, what would your message be for the young women of our country?

The youth of today is the custodian of tomorrow. There is so much talent in Pakistan. Do not allow anyone to subdue your capability and talent. Stay focused, be pragmatic and convince yourself you can do it.

19. What is your favorite L’Oréal Paris product?

Glam Shine Diamant Lip Gloss by L’Oréal Paris.

Brand Spokesperson – L'Oréal Pakistan

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