Bollywood movie Aladdin releases in Pakistan

Bollywood Aladdin had a lot of reasons to be a block buster. However none of those reasons worked too well. The Bollywood movie Aladdin released to a continuously dwindling audience.

Aladdin is a take on the famous children’s tale of Aladdin and his lamp. We all know the story of Aladdin and the three wishes and the eventual battle between good and evil genie. This Bollywood namesake Aladdin is not much different. Bollywood Aladdin is set in the modern day India.

Jasmine is new in class. Kasim throws a party and invites her. Aladdin gets a lamp as gift which they force him to rub. Aladdin wastes his three wishes on Jasmine. How it ends we all can guess knowing it is a Bollywood production.

Bollywood king Amitabh un-doubtly manages to play the genie in Aladdin to perfection. However even the Bollywood superstar is not enough to make Aladdin highly recommendable. The music is catchy and makes you tap your feet through out Aladdin, even the choreography of dances in Aladdin is above average. Bollywood star Sunjay Dutt is magnificent with the evil genie part in Aladdin.

Aladdin is a feel good Bollywood movie. This Bollywood attempt at fantasy is not a waste; however it is not a hit either.

It is winters, the holiday season; you want to take a trip down the fantasy world of you childhood then do not miss out on Aladdin.

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