Fashion Designer Sundus Nawaz talks about Easy Breezy Chic

Sundus Nawaz is an upcoming designer from Lahore who runs a clothing line mosaic, and which focuses on edgy and elegant clothing. A graduate of the Pakistan Institute of Fashion Design, Sundus Nawaz designs clothes for the modern woman of today.

Her first collection titled “Harajuku Doll” was showcased at the PFDC SunSilk fashion week held in Karachi in 2012. This collection was inspired from her final thesis project.

Prior to the launching her own brand, she worked with STONAGE asa designer for their women’s wear line. Later on, she worked as a designer for various retail brands, eventually launching her own retail brand.

A multi-facated professional, Sundus Nawaz is also a professional wall artist and art replicator, and also works as the editor for the renowned fashion magazine FAQ. She is associated with multiple NGOs and hopes to be able to contribute creatively and positively to Pakistan’s well being.  

Question on Ebc for Sundus Nawaz

1. What are your views on EBC event?

This is the first time I am going to associate with EBC event which is going to arrange by Voila PR, so I am hoping for the best and I am an new emerging designer I am sure it’s going to be exciting for me.

2. How is this different from the ones in which you previously exhibited?

This is not the first time I am participating in some kind of event as I have recently came up with my first kids show ROCKSTAR MUNKS which I have done with SOS orphanage kids for PFDC sunsilk fashion week. But being a new emerging designer this is the first time that I am going to exhibit under one roof with well-known names of our fashion industry and got a chance to prove my design ability in front of thousands of people.

3.  What line are you showcasing in EBC?

Well I am showcasing a contemporary line which is more towards semi-formal clothes so that can be wearing in party or wedding events.

4. What is unique about this collection?

Well now this is an interesting question to answer. I won’t mention that I have used blah blah colors and blah blah fabrics. I don’t think by saying this answer will justify your questions. But yes I want to mention one thing that I have tried to come up with kind of collection which is pure contemporary, cultural and above them all not exposing at ALL. So I guess it will make this collection unique in its own way.

5. Your reason to participate in this event?

Don’t want to miss this option… OPS..Am I being so straight forward?

6. What fabric have you focused on for this event?

Chiffons, Jamawar and Chantilly lace fabrics.

7. What are your expectations from this event?

What if I ask the same question to event management? Because they have selected me so I guess they must have some kind of expectations from me….anyhow I don’t have any expectations from this event. I just want to make it remember able. 🙂

8. Do you think this event will help you in promoting your brand in a better way?

I am sure it will DEFENITELY

9. What are your plans for the future?

I really can’t plan my future and no one can. So I am going with a flow.

10. How do these events help upcoming designers such as yourself?

We have such a famous designer’s in our fashion industry and they are not actually in the favor of promoting a new young talent. Which is fair enough I guess as every designer want to stay at the top of success and trust me I am saying this from all my experiences. We have such an amazing young designer’s in our country and they cannot show their talent due to some unreasonable and financial problems. So these kinds of event will definitely help out the young talent to build up their confidence and to promote their brands under one roof along with the famous names in our fashion industry. As we have thousands of designers in our country but there are few of them who are worth calling THE DESIGNERS.

Sundus Nawaz, who debuted with ROCKSTAR MUNKS at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2012, talks to fashion central in an exclusive interview.

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