Hareem Shah also Shed Tears, threatened her husband to cry all life for one tear

Hareem Shah, the well-known TikTok, threatened to make her husband cry for the rest of her life for a single tear.

According to private TV channel 24 News, Hareem Shah has posted a video on her Instagram account in which she is getting emotional. The reason was that her husband Bilal Shah had twisted her arm and a tear had dripped from her eye due to the pain. In the video, Bilal Shah is making excuses that Hareem Shah is crying not because of arm twisting but because of sleep.

However, Hareem Shah says that she is crying not because of sleep but because of arm twisting and then she says "No matter, you have shed a tear for me, I will make you cry for the rest of my life."
With this threat, Hareem Shah not only apologizes to her husband but also touches his ears.
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