Imran of Imbias Talks to Fashion Central

Imran is one of the Pakistan’s hardworking and talented fashion designers.

1. Now that you are a successful designer, do you look for bigger accomplishments?

I believe in hard work, and I don’t set long term goal, I always try to achieve the short term goals and try to satisfy  all the clients, if you are successfully doing it, I believe you’ll achieve something big one day!

2. With so much exposure to the feminine world, have you ever been distracted by stunning good looks of your customers?

I think when I am working, I always concentrate on my work and on the detail of the product and I always try to make someone ordinary into a special person through my work. As far as distraction by the good looks is concerned, I think everybody loves to have a look at a beautiful face and we should appreciate the beauty!

3. Having your wife as a business partners has it added value to the business aspect?

Yes, a lot as we both work together; we both are each other’s critics. I always comment on Rabia’s designs and she always point out the flaws in my work. I think it helps us alot in improving our work and producing a better product.

4. When an issue arises does your ‘manliness’ create a problem?

Not at all, I always believe in equality, and I always encourage my wife to work and try to make her feel more comfortable so she can work easily. I also advice my friends to encourage their wives if they have any special talent, don’t make them only a house wife, let them do whatever they want to do in life.

5. Do you feel flattered about your status as a leading designer?

First of all, I don’t consider myself as a leading designer as yet, I am working hard. If somebody appreciates my work, I am thankful.

6. When you see your dresses enhancing the beauty of your customer, it must be satisfying?

I think it is more than satisfying because it is our job to make people look good and enhance their personality through our skills. 

7. Ladies do tend to revise their thinking, and as result seeking cancellation or major amendments; how do you tackle this aspect of the deals?

I always try to convince the ladies with what suits their personality at first place. But if they still want to make some changes, I try to accommodate them as much as possible because I believe you should always wear that stuff in which you are comfortable and not let anybody impose their choice on you. 

8. Please share with us the highs and lows of your commercial career.

I think highs and lows are the part of our lives and also a part of our career as well. In our country the business environment is very challenging. We have to face so many problems day after day. But I believe in delivering goods when condition is tough, because it makes me a stronger person and better businessman.

9. What thrills you?

Any competitive job thrills me a lot. ‘No’ is not present in my dictionary. Whenever someone wants something different, I love to take that job, I believe it brings best out of me.

10. Pakistan made textiles; do you accept the quality of the cloth?

I think Pakistan is producing one of the best textile products in the world. Our textile industry is making their own effort. I think if our government facilitates them and provides them the suitable working conditions and promote them properly in world, I think our textile industry can perform miracles. 


1. Family life, is it a blessing?

Of course, I think I am incomplete without my family. God have blessed me with a perfect family. I have an ideal wife, and she is a strong support for me in every field of my life. I have a very good looking and intelligent 9 year old son and a very cute little baby girl. Not to forget my dog (speedy) Rottweiler.

2. Your competitors in business, are they a threat?

I don’t consider competitors as a threat. I think healthy competition is always good for business, it keeps you on the tows all the time and you always try to improve your product.

3. Your days must be filled with work; how do you relax and unwind yourself?

I try to go to the gym and i love watching movies.

4. Do you like yes people as team members?

No, I think such kind of people dont working sincerely with you, they say yes on your face, but on your back they deceive you. I don’t believe in taking work by force, I believe with a hard work you can set a good example for your team.

5. Ever consider changing your line of business?

No, not at all, this is not only a business this is a passion for me.

6. Are you training people eager to learn?

Yes, I always help the new lot, if someone is willing. This is a blessing that now we so many fashion schools and the new generation is taking this field as a profession, but one thing what they lack is a practical experience. They are good at designing the product on paper, but when they implement the design practically they lack expertise, this is the stage where they need a help from a professional.


1. How do you see your work, five years from now?

I cannot make a future forecast, but one thing I am sure of is that if I work hard and work with dedication, and with experience, I will be much better designer in future.            

2. The current state of economy, Is it bothering your plans?

Yes, obviously when the economy of the country is on decline, people don’t have purchasing power, then every kind of business will effect. But I believe that business environment or economic conditions cannot change for you. If you need to survive you have to mould yourself according to the any given environment. 

3. Pakistan’s image abroad, certainly top designers like you can help to improve it.

Not only designers, I think every Pakistani should try to improve the image of Pakistan abroad. As far as designers are concerned I think they can play a very vital role by portray a soft image of our country.


I cannot make a future forecast, but one thing I am sure of is that if I work hard and work with dedication, and with experience i"ll be much better designer in future.

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