Jewellery Designer Mariam Sikander talks to Fashion Central

Q1: Tell us a little bit about yourself: have you always been fascinated by jewelry?

I have always been fascinated by jewelry my earliest memories are playing dress up with my mother’s jewellery box and wearing every last piece from the jewelry box, all at once!

Q2: What inspired you to launch your own label Mariam Sikander?

I took my love for fashion and jewellery to another level and started my own brand.

Q3: How did you decide to get into designing jewelry? What kind of response have you had so far?

About  2 years ago I arrived at the realization I really wanted to create jewellery ,its been a long and winding path  finding experienced workers .I have had an amazing response so far because of my price point and attention to quality.

Q4: You mainly work with Silver: what are the challenges of working with silver?

Contrary to what people think Silver is a very easy metal to work with as it’s very flexible and retains its shape without braking or cracking

Q5: What trends will we be noticing for Spring-Summer 2012 when it comes to jewelry?

Internationally it’s been chunky statement necklaces, vibrant colors and tribal jewellery for the last few seasons

Q6: If a girl can only afford one piece of jewelry, what would you recommend: a pendant? A ring or a bracelet?

Dangling Earrings whether its classic pearl, or bright and shiny, dangly earrings are modern, elegant and guaranteed to get you compliments .They can be paired with everything from an evening to a basic day time look.

Q7: Do you plan to go into gold jewelry too, or do you feel gold is on its way out?

 In our region gold will never be out as it’s regarded as a traditional investment and in the near future I have no plans of going into gold jewellery.

Q8:  Describe the Mariam Sikander woman.

Mariam Sikander jewellery caters to women looking for beautifully made jewellery at affordable prices.

Q9: With the price of gold shooting through the roof, do you feel the market for Silver jewelry is not shrinking?

Silver jewellery is here to stay, silver jewelry once preserved only as giftware is being transformed into a luxury item due to escalation of gold prices.

Q10: What’s the most expensive piece of jewelry you have ever designed?

My average price range is from Rs 1000 to 15,000. (My pieces are all very affordable)

Q11: Ever made a crown.


Q12: Which country produces the best silver?

The best workmanship for silver jewellery is found in Italy.

Q13: Describe the first piece of jewelry you ever designed.

A gold and pearl link bracelet when I was 16.

Q14: how difficult are the logistics for you that you live in the UAE and managing a business in Pakistan?

It would be impossible without my mother’s help; she overlooks at all the production in Pakistan.

Q15: where do you see Mariam Sikander brand in next 10 years?

You never know that’s the best part about the journey, right now I’m enjoying the ride!

Q16: Do u think diamonds and silver are more in trends?

Yes because of the escalated gold prices jewelers are setting diamonds and precious stones in silver.

Q17: How do you balance your personal life with your career?

I work from home which gives me a lot of flexibility.

Q18: What’s the one thing you love about your work? What do you hate most about it?

I love the whole process from design to production.

Q19: Who is your inspiration/role model?

All working women, who balance their family lives and careers

Q20: What is some advice you’d give to a novice in your profession?

Work hard, stay true to your own artistic vision and know your target market.

Jewellery Designer Mariam Sikander rediscovers her love for fashion and jewellery in this special interview with Fashion Central.

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