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A multi faceted personality, jewellery designer and entrepreneur Kiran Aman is credited for her versatility and creativity in all her fields of work. Kiran launched her eponymous jewellery label Kiran Fine Jewellery in 2003 and each collection created has remained symbolic of the women for whom she designs. Kiran has received numerous accolades for her work, which includes most recently, the Nesvita Women of Strength award for Best Jewellery Designer in 2009.

KFJ presented an exclusive line at The Musik Awards in 2008 and a coveted jewellery collection entitled “Revived” at the 2007 Citigold Lux Style Awards, among a diversity of other prestigious ceremonies. Kiran introduced her own concept jewellery store in Clifton Karachi for Kiran Fine Jewellery in May 2010 to much acclaim and also announced fashion designer Sonya Batla as her brand ambassador. A dynamic personality, Kiran looks forward to creating more opportunities for growth, collaboration and development between 2010 and 2011.Here she speaks to Fashion Central about her vision for KFJ, her inspirations and what it means to be a sought after jewellery designer.

1. Kiran Fine Jewellery (KFJ) collections are an extension of your emotions yet are tailored to suit your clients’ tastes. How do you merge the two together to create the pieces that have won so much acclaim?

While my collections are an extension of my emotions, they are carefully translated into pieces with elements of design and detail, drawing the client to it. Since the design aesthetic is bold and strong, it allows clients to see beyond the unspoken and hidden layer, hence each person is inspired to see in the piece of jewellery whatever they choose to.

2. Your collaboration with Sonya Battla, fashion icon and your brand ambassador for KFJ represents a blend of fashion and glamour through collaborative designs and lines. What was the underlying reason behind you choosing Sonya Battla as your brand ambassador? How has the experience of working with her been so far?

Sonya and I believe in a very similar design philosophy that enhances a woman’s personality. A common aesthetic sense while working together is very important. Having said that there are many other reasons for choosing her as a brand ambassador; I believe we both have this innate need to question ‘what is’ and to create what ‘can be’; Indeed the undying desire to strive for more and bring about change through the thinking mind.

Working with Sonya so far has been nothing short of wondrous. Our brainstorming evenings and capacity to inspire each other is something we both did not anticipate at the beginning of this collaboration.

3. In general, what is the nature of your sentiments and emotions usually manifest within the jewellery pieces you design, that give each piece and indeed collection, their unique character?

The nature of my emotions are diverse, varying from my personal one, on one interaction, my experiences of them and what they then evoke in me. Some designs are based on my perception of people and others on my understanding of myself through them.

I believe the stronger the presence of a feeling in the translation, the more intricate and bold the piece becomes. ‘Revived’ was the reflection of four emotional states in different motifs which I then translated into a jewellery collection, whereas my latest collection ‘Time Scripts Man [TSM], Man Scripts Time [MST]’ was more an urge, a need to turn the old into the new.

I believe that most people who constantly strive for self awareness can channel their emotions to sense what is to come or become the feeling itself. TSM, MST is all about rebirth, but having worked on the concept for 6 months and launching it in May 2010, it was not until July this year that I felt it manifest itself into my life. That is what I would say gives these pieces their unique character: the unspoken layers under the design and each client’s own perception of it. There is definitely a strange, bewildering relationship that exists between the final design and its underlying layer.

4. Your first publishing title ‘Revived’ under your Publishing Company does in a sense fuse your jewellery design aesthetic with your publishing persona. What does the content of this book represent to you?

The content of this book to me means change, growth, self awareness and empowerment for all women in Pakistan. The main goal behind publishing ‘Revived’ is yet to be achieved. I believe change cannot be forced but there is a time for it and when that time comes ‘Revived’ will manifest itself.

5. The diversity you have shown in creating your own award winning designer jewellery label and starting up a publishing house is remarkable. Where does Kiran Aman find her drive and inspiration from?

My drive comes from the constant need to challenge myself and trying to bring about change that allows others to reconsider their own outlook on life and situations. As for my inspiration, it definitely comes only from my personal journey.

6. Your drive and commitment are hallmarks of the success you have had in the fields of custom jewellery designing, publishing, film production and youth empowerment. How do you balance your personal life with your professional?

I have been working for sixteen years but it was not until 2009 that I chose to expand and diversify my work. One of the greatest reasons for this was the fact that I didn’t feel my kids were old enough to be left alone. Today with two grown up boys and the amazing team of people I work with along the support of family and old friends I don’t feel my professional or personal life weighs down on the other.  

7. What sort of competition/collaborations do you foresee within your chosen industries in the future?

I don’t look around for competition. I have too much to do and a very long way to go in life to take my eyes off the end goal and get distracted. I love working in synergy. I like working with people from other creative fields since there is always something new to learn, and fusing talent together always creates room for growth and originality to emerge.

8. What can we expect next from Kiran Aman in the coming years?

Definitely another KFJ book!

A dynamic personality, Kiran looks forward to creating more opportunities for growth, collaboration and development between 2010 and 2011

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