Mohsin Ali Talks About His Launch At The Designers in Dubai

Tell us a bit about your latest collection?

It’s a formal line filled with sequins embroidery along with a lot of sequins fabric. We are using drapes and front open jackets with short knee length and cocktail dresses and there are a few shaadi dresses and we also have incorporated pants with the outfits. The collection is under the brand that me and Asad are working on.

What has been your major inspiration for your designs?

I love playing with fabric over the mannequins just to see how well it looks put together then I just start stitching. My major inspiration is to make women look beautiful.

You will be one of the designers joining Asad Tareen at The Designers in Dubai, what do you generally look forward to at a multi brand store?

First thing a designer wants to see is the cliental, the location is also important because then the area is covered along with having other other designers stock in the same store. It helps other clients to just walk in and pick what they like.

How did you first hear about The Designers?

As soon as I entered the industry, Asad Tareen has been pioneering a facet of the fashion market and it’s not only stocking at the outlet it’s also hands on work when he deals with designers.

How has your experience been with Asad Tareen at The Designers?

It has been a fantastic experience. He treats you like a family member. Working with him has been really great. He really listens to what your views are.

How are designers benefiting from Multi Brand Stores?

The way we are benefiting is that where we can’t go, the multi brand store can take us there. They are making designers available in different cities and our clients can easily find our clothes now. It’s been a huge platform for us to contribute to be available everywhere.

What do you think about the market for Pakistani fashion in Dubai?

All sorts of areas have been catered towards in the international market. The buyers there love Pakistani fashion and embroidery. No matter where you are stocking there are clients who want to buy your clothes

With so many multi brand stores opening, are designer less keen on opening their own outlet now?

It’s difficult to open your own outlet now, if the designer has a major investment or they can afford it, otherwise a lot of designers cannot. Having multi designers there, it’s a bit easy since you are simply stocking there. All you need to do is send you clothes off once you’ve hit the sales, it’s fantastic and easy. Designers who are actually very huge, they would open their own stock but you don’t see a lot of designers opening their own stock these days. It’s the easiest and the best option for us.

Mohsin Ali has been a sensation in the fashion industry he talks about his newest journey to Dubai with The Designers Multi Brand Store where he will be showcasing his latest collection.

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