Omar Shareefs Sherwani Blunders

Omar Shareef, the leading comedian of the Pakistani industry needs to consider his wardrobe again or he might end up being laughed at, instead of his quick and witty jokes based on his guests at the Shareef Show! The sherwani blunders are sure to turn Omar Shareef into the worst dressed celebrity these days.
Fashion aesthetics mean a lot once you step into this industry where style means everything.

If you are not coping up with the latest trends and styles or are a little too unique with your dressing sense, you definitely need to think again! Same goes for the leading comedian of Pakistan Omar Shareef who happens to make us laugh every time with his quick witted sense of humor but, he severely needs to take out some time and select his attire again. All of it! The Fashion Central police think Omar Shareef is currently the worst dressed celebrity in Pakistan.

There is no doubt about the fact that his sarcastic jokes always are rib cracking and hilarious (well, most of the time!) but what about his sherwanis? Are they equally funny? Yes, they most certainly are and Omar Shareef needs to make sure he gets a better dress designer for himself for his upcoming shows. The Shareef show is a big hit on television and people most definitely want to see more of it but the audience and the fashion central police would prefer it if he would rather change his wardrobe and stop wearing those hideous sherwanis.

It is not just the sherwanis, but Omar Shareef’s whole wardrobe including his cheap and flashy suits need a huge change. What has got into the dress designers these days? Do they actually want the funny man to look that hideous? Well, for all that we know, this gaudy sherwani business definitely makes the viewers puky! What Omar Shareef really needs to do is consult a good designer from the industry who can help him out in choosing the best and perfect suits and sherwanis that are not just perfect for his age but for the show and the theme too.

Is Omar Shareef being a bit too confident about his dressing or what? Omar Shareef’s major blunders in his attire need to be sorted out before he turns into a complete fashion disaster. The Fashion Central team and the audience can only hope for the best that the famous comedian Omar Shareef starts choosing his clothes in a bit better way, wisely maybe!

The sherwani blunders are sure to turn Omar Shareef into the worst dressed celebrity these days.

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