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Interview by Khawaja Pervaiz Saeed

Affectionately known as Tony, Muhammad Navaid Rashid is an engaging conversationist, a reflective journalist, a photographer who can peep into beauty and a person who is not indifferent to such human traits as love and respect and ability to give joy to his environment.

In an interview with Fashion Central he passed on to us an autobiographical flavor of his life.

1. Tony, please tell us about yourself?

Allow me to start by saying that my parents exuded immense love for me so much so that the glow of their warmth has remained unchanged over the years.

Their inspiration and support has helped me to live my life creatively. The academic side was not much of a bother and I sailed through the Masters in Business Administration with utmost ease. My first love of course was photography and I have fond memories of the camera gift my mother gave to me as a seven year old. Subsequently it developed into a craze and as I go along I will dwell more on this subject.

2. When did you enter in the journalist’s profession?

As a student I was able to demonstrate some good writing ability and my teachers always loved whatever I wrote. The fascination for capturing in words was always there and when I got an opportunity to join DAWN, I was excited and remained associated with their cultural wing for six years. It was a great experience and I got a chance to interact with showbiz people.

3. Your love for photography, how deep is it?

I ventured into photography very early in life. The colors of life have always had a special charm in my life and the Gift of God is visible in the depth of photographs, by me. Be it fashion or commercial or products or even bridal shoots and campaigns, the effect has been considered outstanding.

4. Besides photography you also seem to have a love for singing?

Thank you for asking that question. Singing is a passion and may I share with you that I have undergone professional training in this art. Rustam Fateh Ali Khan of ‘Patiala Gharana’ was my teacher.

5. Any special feature of your love for music?

In the earlier years I have secured top positions in many amateur competitions. I have also had the honour of performing in front of the great Mahathir bin Mohamad of Malaysia. Songs that I sang were the ones most popular in Malaysia, and I have been invited there again and again.

6. Do you owe your success to some ‘ustad’ or any other forum which imparts technical training?

The unfortunate part is that the ‘ustads’ are always reluctant to pass on the finer points of their art. As for me I had a thirst for learning and the desire for accomplishment was extremely dear to me.
Lucky for me, by nature, I was sharp, provocative and a go gather person who could go around doing things on my own; setbacks did not bother me and after each set back, I set off with a solemn mission to move forward and the effort knew no bars.

7. Have you trained others?

I cannot do it formally; frankly I am still a student myself and learning.

8. Share with us some moments of your state of mind when you are doing a shoot, for example?

Whenever I am doing a shoot, I am excited; the object before me becomes a huge unexplored ocean waiting to be channeled into an image of amazement. And I respond by capturing the entire depth using the power of creativity that oozes out of me and combining it with technology. Things like camera speed, aperture are used to lift the object to heights through the ultimate in camera focusing and image capturing.

9. Your association with the Nadia Khan Show, has it been useful?

Nadia Khan is an artiste who has had a far reaching impact on the moods of people. Certainly she is a woman of vision and my presence on her show is heartwarming and has brought popularity dividends.

10. Any hobbies and any favorite photographer?

Oh! I am in love with the internet; browsing ‘nature’ related sites has added considerably to theme knowledge.

As for as my favorite photographer, I would to name one in particular; It is Herbert Ritts an American who has passed away but his portraits carry the ‘wonder touch’.

11. Any message for the new comers and aspiring ones in the field of show business, music and photography?

Personally I care a lot for such people and my advice to them is, do not come randomly, into any field. Be motivated, be smart, and develop self confidence and a higher level of thought. Remember, each one of us has a huge reservoir of untapped potential for success, happiness, health and greater prosperity.

Affectionately known as Tony, Muhammad Navaid Rashid is an engaging conversationist, a reflective journalist, a photographer who can peep into beauty and....

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