10 Immunity Improving Foods

Food is the major source of energy. Having food is what everyone does! But to have what and in which quantity is what majority of us lack! Balanced diet is one of the essential knowledge that every single human being should know.Taking a balanced diet prevents us from a lot of diseases and sufferings. Appropriate intake and balanced choice of food items is very important.

The immune system of a person is boosted from the type of food he is eating, hence, one needs to make sure that the food being taken all day is balanced diet. One should make sure that the quantity of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins are equal or taken in the quality required as per the person. The quantity and the type may vary from person to person.

Few of us have body structure that is health that is because of the slow metabolic rate, on the other hand the people having a smart body structure in spite of eating more than the people eating less, have a fast metabolic rate. That is due to the selection of the food.

Similarly, people have a good immune system fall less sick that the people who don’t have much resistance. Hence, there are certain foods that define and boost up the immunity level of the person like:

Citrus Fruits:

Citrus Fruits

This is one of the fruit categories. This includes the family of fruits like orange, lemon, grapefruit, melons and limes. All such fruits that have sour and sweet taste and are juicy in nature. They have one common vitamin present in them that is vitamin C. having such fruits in your diet can reduce the fat level and the cholesterol levels of your body, hence making body resistant! Try to take all these fruits in natural form rather than processed ones. One of the best forms you can take this is adding drops of lemon in green tea. It is really effective!



Carrots are best to take in for improving your eye sight. It is also recommended by doctors. It has carotenoids that enable to sharpen the vision hence, makes things visible and clear to you. You can take carrots in any form like sweet, soup, salads or in juice.

Turmeric Powder:

Turmeric Powder

This is known as a healer! It is the best ingredient one should add in daily food taken. It has a very strong flavor. It prevents swelling of the body, inflammation, arthritis, asthma and much more. It has natural minerals and vitamins that are really helpful in preventing the majority of health concerns especially with the females.



One of the well liked fruits among the elders and older, though young people don’t like this fruit much as it taste a bit bitter. Though, sweet are available in the market.  It is a very good fruit that needs to be included in diet in the form of salads or any kind you prefer. It helps to glow your skin, sharpen vision that is eye sight, reduced weight and helps in balancing the cholesterol levels.



It falls in the category of vegetables. It is the best vegetable to be eaten. You can add ginger in any form like powder or small chunks in any of the food you are taking. Eastern countries use this as a taste enhancer in every dish they make. It helps to control blood pressure and heart diseases.



Garlic a sister to ginger! It is the best known to improve the immune system. Taking a clove of garlic daily early in the morning with a glass of warm water improves body immune system and helps in preventing major diseases like sugar, blood pressure and heart disease. Moreover, it helps in preventing infections.



Another fruit that is great to use as an immunity booster. It is juicy and included in the citrus fruit category. You can take it in any form like salads, raw or juice.



Having vitamin C in abundance helps in tissue repair and makes all organs healthy like liver, kidneys etc.



It is the best to be taken for stomach related health concerns. It helps in cushioning the stomach and makes the digestive process smooth.



This falls in cereal category, contains fiber. Taking oats in breakfast is really helpful to keep your body light and smooth all day.

These were few of the best foods that can be taken to improve the immunity of the human body. Make sure that you take it in appropriate quantity to maintain the balanced diet!

Foods that are needed to enhance the immunity of humans. Taking fruits and vegetables in the balanced ratio helps in preventing diseases.

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