Benefits of Eating Soup in Winter

Winters and soups have a long connection a long relation and well, yes this is today’s agenda to explain it all to you. Every winter if traced in retrospect, we have seen our mom’s gearing up for the homemade soup preparation in virtue of keeping us fit. I’m sure all of us can relate to that here.

Soup is an amazing food. It has all the perks of easy preparation, comfort and more specifically it’s filling. If you connect soup with winters you can surely relate to the warmth of the soup that soothes up against the chilly winters.

We’ll head up with the benefits of Soup now. Well, soups come in various forms and various recipes that are variable to the taste buds at home. Soups are usually prepared with vegetables all uptight with nutrients. They include legumes and other food ingredients that contain fiber-filling content. This combination of food ingredients is a great source of healthy energy. These are health providing solutions
Soups are not only high on the nutritional value (the healthy compounds) but also they have under the surface benefits.

According to the ‘British Journal of Nutrition’ suggests that those who have soup usually are lesser in body weight and have slim waists as compared to those who do not have soup. Soup consumer’s intake more proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals with a very subtle amount of fat and fat generating calories. The reason owes to the fact that that soup contains higher levels of fiber that helps your belly fill up more sooner and with lesser fats as compared to other food.

Further adding to the benefits of soup, eating soup slows down the rate of calorie consumption.Refering to this soup becomes a good source weight reducing food. This way you can be full yet keep up that shape.

It is recommended to have soup that bears the natural lean-stock, high content of protein rather than those topped off with cream and cheese content. Also, there are different kinds of soups that can help in your bodily health. These are kinds that you might have never heard of before but might want to try. Because Man, they are delicious more than you say nutritious!

Gazpacho, never heard the name, well this is a soup and it exits! It is not only a source for taste but it has medical benefits of keep ng your blood pressure low and reduce the signs of hypertension. It is good for people who are at the stake for a heart attack. And this owes to the combined effect of the bio-active compounds, as per the formula (whoops recipe) of the soup! Not only is that it also good with decrease in oxidative stress and blood inflammation…

Did you know that a regular chicken soup is good for your flu? Well, let’s look back in to when be kids and our mums brought in the desi-yakhnees. Well, yes that’s what I’m talking about. Toss this regular chicken soup with lot vegetables and there you go with the great appetizing nutrition.

Tom Yum Gung, (wondering if that’s your Japanese uncle) No! That’s a soup. Well, as odd as it may be sounding but scientists have found cancer fighting properties in this soup. It contains shrimps, coriander, lemon grass and various chilies and that is what it makes an anti-cancer food source.

Long dreamt plans of losing plans. Winters seem stubborn? Well folks, Soups are your catch. Eat your way through a slimmed body. Or should we call it a healthy slim body? Yes, that sounds more liking. We hope you had a better insight of how soups are beneficial in winters. Having Slimming, Happy Staying Healthy, HAPPY EATING!

Author: Haadiyah Mujahid

This article is your guide to how soups can be beneficial, especially in this season.

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