Best Cereals for Your Body

Health is wealth is a well known proverb and to become healthy we should choose healthy food to eat that would be beneficial for our health and body as well. Our body need fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and regular exercise for its proper working.

If our body lacks fats and proteins, then we will be unable to do our daily routine work and become weak. A healthy person can enjoy each and every moment of his life without having to spend money on medicines and if he follows the healthy diet plan than no health problems can disturb his life. We should essential vitamins in the form of fruits of all seasons.

But when it comes to protein, we should take all the proteins that are good for us. Cereals have enough proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates in them and adding cereals to your diet is really a positive approach towards healthy body.

To gain carbohydrates and proteins, we must add cereals in our breakfast and lunch. These cereals not only give you energy but also help you in weight loss, especially for those women who are weight conscious. Mentioned below are some cereals that are good for your body.


Wheat is the most popular cereal and is most commonly available. It has abundant health benefits. It has been proved through several researches that wheat not only minimizes the hazards of heart attack but also regulates blood glucose in diabetic patients. If you want a healthy body, then choose the products that are made from whole wheat rather than refined ones. The products like noodles, breads, pastas etc. and baked goods have only 60% wheat in them.

The remaining 40% of the wheat grain is removed in these products, do try to consume pure and energetic one. Wheat is rich in calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin B and vitamin E. Different health problems like tuberculosis, obesity and breast cancer can be dealt with by whole wheat.


Rice is the other cereal that is good and very healthful for us. It is rich in protein, fats and carbohydrates. It helps in stabilizing blood sugar level and provides you vitamin B1. Those who have problem of high blood pressure should make rice a part of their daily meal.


Corn is the versatile cereal that is a good source of fiber and several vitamins like folic acid and vitamin C etc. It usually helps you out if you have neutral tube birth defects. Moreover, heart diseases can also be prevented by intaking products made of corn.


Almonds and other nuts: Walnuts are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids that can help you to control your blood cholesterol and keeps your blood vessels healthy. Nuts have high calories and adding nuts to your diet can help you remain healthy.

To live a long life, one should have a healthy mind and body. To become healthy we should take healthy food that is beneficial for us. If you want to become healthy and smart at the same time then I recommend you to add some cereals to your diet that coul

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