Eating Habits and Work Life Balance for Women after Child Birth

The mothers who are feeding their babies with breast milk need to be careful about their dietary intake so that no harm comes to the child during their growth in infancy period. There has to be a daily food plan with emphasis on fruits, vegetables, grains, protein foods and diary and the calorie target should be at least 1800 calories on a day to day basis. From the quantitative angle there is further a daily need for 8 to 10 glasses of liquid foods like milk, juice and water.

Protein rich foods like yoghurt, cheese, milk, meat, fish and beans are more recommended for a healthy diet for mothers. Fruits and vegetables intake for vitamin and minerals is also essential. As for Prenatal vitamins, it must be noted that intake of these are allowed only under the supervision of a doctor.

These Prenatal vitamins include items like folic acid, vitamin D, Calcium, vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B12, vitamin E, zinc and iron. It would be preferable to avoid junk foods like French fries, soda, cookies, burger, pizza but if the urge is too much, the quantity should be minimal. And then there are negative foods like wine, wine coolers, liquor, lemonade.

These are not good for the baby and affect growth. which affects child’s growth.  Yoga classes are recommended and so is a walk for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week.

Research tells us that illnesses like hormonal imbalances, inflammation, immune system and heart problems can be solved by the use of essential fatty acids. So these become necessary. Pregnant women are in real need of fatty acids. It must be understood that fatty acids are transformed into prostaglandins, a molecule like structure. These prostaglandins develop nervous system and brain especially during infancy period. Lack of fatty acids can cause emotional hazards.

Any kind of fatigue and depression  can be overcome through intake of high fiber cereal and milk, walnut, almond, chicken salad, whole wheat toast, Vitamin B3 ( beef, pork, beans, chicken and fish ), Vitamin E (almonds, olive oil, seeds).As for  Depression it can be taken care of  by intake of  zinc (egg, fish, turkey , beef ), Vitamin C (broccoli, vegetable, peas, onions ), fatty acids (salmon fish), calcium (bones, milk, sesame seeds ), Folic Acid (grapefruit, black eyed peas, orange juice).

The diet plan has to be complemented by proper exercise activity to keep the weight in control. Dependence can also be placed on belly wrapping devices that help in weight reduction.  Corsets available for women during pregnancy and also for women after pregnancy can be made use of.

Arriving at a Balance in Eating Habits and work life for Women after Child Birth

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