Enhance your Childs Social Skills

The first five years of a child are the most important. The personality which is built in these five years lasts a lifetime. Whatever is induced in a child in the first five years is something that a child will remember for the rest of his life. That is why it is often said that the right age to teach a child different languages is within the first five years as he will remember it more clearly. Parenting is a lifetime process and you need to be fully aware of your child’s development. Social skills in kids are one of the most important because they make your child’s character and personality which is going to help him throughout his life.


Social skills in kids can be of many types but the most important ones are showing a child how to be affectionate. Appreciate your child on his achievements as it will help them understand what is important in life and what the good things are. For example if you will appreciate a child on his academic excellence it will show him that studies are important and this is how he can gain affection from his parents. It will also teach him how to be affectionate towards others which will bring a caring factor in his personality. Teaching him how to be affectionate will have a great impact on a child’s development.


Teaching your kids how to make friends is a very important social skill. Children learn a lot from their environment and the friends they make. Many children face a problem in making friends, but you can teach them how to and once they have learnt it, it will make your children more comfortable and social throughout their lives. Kids learn a lot from their friends they learn how to share and carry out conversations which is very important for a child’s development. Encourage your children to join activities such as music classes, sports and book clubs. Children make a lot of friends during extracurricular activities. Invite your child’s class fellows to your house over the weekend for a play day.


Parenting requires a lot of effort, hoping your children will acquire all the social skills themselves is wrong. Moral values add a lot to your child’s social skills. Teach your children basic values such as speaking truth, sharing his things with others, be polite and others. Make your kids do small house chores such as taking the trash out. It will give him a sense of responsibility. Social skills in kids help them throughout their life.

Social skills are an extremely important factor in child development. Parenting is a lifelong process and enhancing your Child’s social skills is one of the earliest stages. Social skills include how to be affectionate, making friends and teaching your

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