Girls Love Barbie Doll Decoration For There Room

Barbie doll is an ideal fictional character for every little girl. Her beauty, the radiant eyes, pink lips and glamorous costume has always inspired girls to look like Barbie or opt for the accessories which their Barbie doll has.
Girls always love Barbie doll decoration for their room. They love to have pink curtains, pink bed linen, pink bed dressing, pink tables and pink dressing table or yes a big Barbie doll house in their Barbie doll inspired bed room.
Girls are in love with Barbie doll so while planning to re-furnish your little girls room don’t forget to surprise her with some feminine and eye popping Barbie doll themed room décor where she can play, relax and enjoy to spend time.
1. Barbie Doll Themed Walls
Starting with walls is best idea because it will then help to evaluate how to mix colors to bring the perfect Barbie doll theme in room. Using light pink paint on walls can work well or go for darker shade. There are also available murals having Barbie doll theme which you can apply to enhance any one wall of the room.
2. Barbie Doll Themed Carpet
Matching carpet is the second step. Carpeting provides a comfortable play area. Don’t overdo it with darker shades of pink rather keep it light mauve or pink. It will look good with dark pink walls. Carpet with heart designs in dark pink will also add girlish appeal in Barbie doll themed room décor.
3. Barbie Doll Themed Curtain
Barbie doll inspired curtains must be in dark pink as they are easy to replace with any other color like lemon yellow or orange. Keep the curtains simple and light.
4. Barbie Doll Themed Ceiling
Make the ceiling more interesting by getting some galaxy work on the ceiling or designs pink swirls with mix of purple and blue. Ceiling should be more prominent to make your girl feel that she is really sitting in a Barbie room.
5.Barbie Doll Themed Bedding
Then comes Barbie doll inspired bedding. The wood board must be painted in tones of pink and with beautiful designs in stars or stripes. Keep the linen white or baby pink and place the heart shaped pillow in dark pink to make your girls bed time more imaginative and Barbie like.
6. Barbie Doll Themed Shelves
Shelves with colorful setting just like the chest of drawers in Barbie doll house adds a funky look in Barbie doll inspired room.
7. Barbie Doll Themed Furniture
Furniture is the most important part of making the room exactly a Barbie doll inspired room. From small items to dressing table, study table, mini library and bed side tables, all must be done in combinations of pink to make your girls room more girlish and Barbie doll inspired.
8. Barbie Doll Themed Lights
Room décor turns more colorful and fictional when proper lights re placed in room. Keep the lights simple white so it may not hurdle study time or playing time of your girl. What simple you can do is only change shades of lamp with pink colors to keep up with the Barbie doll inspired room decoration for your girl.
9. Barbie Doll Themed Door
Carving a beautiful big Barbie doll on door is the good idea to make your little girl happy. While entering the Barbie doll themed room she will really think that she is living in Barbie doll house.
10. Barbie Doll Themed Foot Mat
Place a pink colored foot mat at the door which will complement the whole décor of the Barbie doll themed room. It will look nice and will also look matching the whole Barbie doll themed room.

Barbie doll has been a best friend of a girl’s childhood. Her beauty and magical accessories have always inspired little girls to look like Barbie doll or get a bedroom décor just like their Barbie doll. So, try these Barbie doll themed room decoration

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