How To Prevent Your Plant From Dengue Mosquito

The wet and warm climate of Southeast Asia causes different kinds of mosquitoes, especially in the summer and hot seasons where they cause different kinds of infections and dangerous diseases. Plants on other side make our surrounding beautiful, so keep your plants safe from mosquitoes. Plants decorate your home and give the pleasant view everywhere at your home.

But mosquitoes are not just dangerous for human health but also have effects on the plants. Dengue is one of the viruses that infect human being and even dengue fever cases hundreds of people to death. Dengue is causes by Aedes mosquito. To prevent dengue virus it is important to notify its causes. After heavy rain let not the water stand in your plants as it can cause dengue mosquitoes.

You might not aware of that in your beautiful yard, plants are attract and give place for dengue virus nourishment. A deadly virus can be transfer by a female Aedes aegypti mosquito very easily through it eggs. It is also known as yellow fever mosquito.

Take round of your yard and plants frequently. Remove stagnant water as soon as possible. Stagnant water more than a week will become home of mosquitoes. Take away the sources of stagnant water like pail, basins and vases. They may cause your plants home for dengue mosquito.

Getting rid of mosquitoes is not the only solution you need to remove the eggs too. You can fulfill you purpose by fogging without harming the plants.

Keep you environment clean and healthy specially neem tree is very effective in the battle of dengue as neem grows quickly and has immediate affect too.

Aedes aegypti is the type of mosquitoes that returns to their habitats before dusk and are mostly active during day time so prevent dengue in the specific times and try to remove the habitats of dengue from your surroundings to keep your plants beautiful.

The security of plants is necessary. To prevent your plants from dengue virus, you have to take care of them.

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