Lose Weight and Have a Healthy Ramadan

Reducing weight in Ramadan and experiencing a healthy Ramadan.

There are a number of articles written about physical importance of fasting and our need to fast for the establishment of good health. Acquiring good health is not what Ramadan is planned for. It is necessary that we uphold the main purpose and goal of Ramadan i.e. for Allah and his Messenger (SAW). Our Holy Prophet (SAW) said "He who fast with the intentions of pleasing Allah, his reward is with his Lord".

Though fasting in Ramadan, many men experience heavy weight gain and they just can’t do anything to attain good health. The main reason for this is that they think they will lose weight by just not eating anything the whole day but they don’t realize the fact that by just quit eating they will only suffer from worse health conditions. And once you are get sick you will not be able to fast with proper good health.

Normally men think that they will eat much at sehr that will do the job for the whole day and then at Iftar they will have much to eat as well but this in return help them to gain more weight rather reducing it. This is a very crucial problem for men these days and I have some really good health tips for men in Ramadan. It will not only help them to attain good health but to also lose weight.

First of all try to eat something that is full of proteins in Sehr. Eating proteins will try to make up for the food you will be missing the whole day. Don’t eat too many carbohydrates thinking that it will satisfy your hunger for long. Carbohydrates burn much faster than proteins. Try to have eggs or protein shake your meal as it will last much long. Secondly, drink as much as you possibly can at Iftar. Water is very  essential for attaining good health and in order to lose weight. Drink at least two glasses of water before eating your iftar meal.

Most importantly, don’t rush into your meal due to hunger. Eat slowly. In addition to that, try to avoid sweets that will add up to your calories and eventually help in gaining weight. Last but not the least, try to avoid late night meals in Ramadan to avail much more physical benefits. You must have a small portion of protein to make up for your insulin which is also very important. May Allah bless all the people to have a healthy and peaceful Ramadan.

Reducing weight in Ramadan and experiencing a healthy Ramadan.

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