Protect your Child Online

With the advent of Science and Technology, the world has become a global village. In these times, it is very necessary for parents to follow a check on the online activities of children.

Here are some important tips to protect your children online:

  • Every parent should be computer literate and must be involved in his or her children’s online experiences.
  • According to this tip, place your computer in areas where children should not have a proper access, probably a study room or TV launch but, not in children’s room.
  • This tip suggests that always use screening software which can help you read unfamiliar messages. Make sure that your child is not reading unfamiliar emails, messages, touching modem and email addresses etc.
  • This parenting tip says that do not allow your children to spend long hours on computer.
  • Make your children understand that internet users are not what they claim to be. Go through their checklist of online friends and know them personally.
  • The tip of parenting suggest that tell your children to report anything which they find ‘weird’ or ‘uncomfortable’ or if someone asks personal questions or invite them online.
  • An, important tip for parents is to tell children to report if they see any obscene or threatening messages and forward these copies to ISP and insist them to deal with this problem.
  • According to this tip of the day is to show concern if you hear your child mentioning about meeting an online adult. He or she can be anyone ‘misguiding’ your child.
  • Always paste an internet safety rules for children by your computer.
  • This rule of internet safety for children suggests that never give out personal information, online about your family, friends, school or teachers.
  • Parenting rule suggest that parents should keep a check that kids should not make online profiles.
  • This important tip states, that never join a chat room without the permission of IRC.
  • Parents should be aware about websites which a child is browsing.
  • Children should not receive send, or post any message or pictures that have files which end with txt, rtf, doc or tiff etc without asking their parents.
  • Never ever meet online friends in person without a parent present.

With the advent of Science and Technology, the world has become a global village.

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