The Hidden Dangers of Snacking

What to do when you feel bored, or when you have nothing to do? What do you opt for when you feel frustrated? What do you do when you feel energy deficient? What do you look for when you want to spend quality time with friends and have fun? The list of questions continues to which the answer is only one that is you eat!

Eating between the intervals of the lunch and breakfast, or lunch and dinner, is known as snacking. This is the much loved interest of most of the teenagers and even adults. There is a rising trend among today’s generation that people are becoming more and more foodies. This means that they try out new stuff to eat in order to indulge their taste buds in to new and enticing flavors.

However, the point to ponder upon is that we eat without any check and balance; we are all in a hobby of eating nowadays, it may be right to say that we live for eating  whereas, we should eat to live. This can be completely destructive for our health, because excessive or over eating is always wrong.

Getting Obese Due To Excessive Snacking


The most adverse effect of snacking is that you easily get over weight. This is due to the fact that, your digestive system is always churning up the food you put in to it like a dustbin, which consumes your energy to digest it, and this digested snack is of no use because of high calories, and deficient in all necessary vitamins, minerals and fibres. Instead, these calories are deposited all over the body beneath your skin, ultimately making you overweight.

As a result, you are unable to perform routine work with much effort and are usually tired for most part of the day. Whereas, in kids the sugary foods such as, sweets, chocolates, candy bars, gums increase the blood sugar level which makes them hyper active and unhealthy. On the other hand, the digestive system gets affected due to all the junk and in the end your body is left energy deficient due to low nutritional value and high calories in the snacks.

Heart Issues

heart attack

If we say that health is at risk due to this burger, chips, chocolate milky bars, beverages, colas, rolls, French fries etc. then it may not be wrong. Snacking can put your heart in danger, as the cardiac heath greatly depends upon the exertion you do throughout the day.

Therefore, when you eat more oily stuff with more carbs in it, you gain weight and as a consequence you are more prone to heart diseases at an early stage of life. For example, teenagers are more in to indoor sports nowadays and usually they prefer playing over the androids, whereas consumption of snacks continues at every interval of the day. This causes cholesterol issues, obesity, and thus heart diseases.

Dental Health

Denta Health

While watching your favorite series or movie with a bag full of junk food in your hand and bottle of beverages accompanied with it, continuously chewing the unhealthy stuff and drinking sweetened and carbonated drinks adversely affects your teeth.

This is because of the sticky foods which cause bacteria to stay there for long intervals and damage the enamel turning your teeth yellowish and brings a foul smell to your mouth. Snacking not only damages the outer layer of your teeth, instead it keeps the teeth under continuous stress due to chewing, this makes them weak from the root and in later stage of life, you are left teeth less or else you have to opt for expensive dental treatments.

The eating habits need to be supervised by you, or if the kids are young then parents should take care of their eating behaviors. Snacking if properly done can also be beneficial for you, for e.g. when you crave for unhealthy snacks, avoid them and opt for the healthy ones such as, fruits, vegetable salads, yogurt, pop corns, dry fruits and likewise.

This will make you healthy, fresh, and your energy will last for longer intervals, at the same time the junk food cravings will automatically reduce, making your digestive system strong.

We all love snacking. Here are dangers to be known about snacks we eat!

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