Tips for Finding Child’s Personality – Parents Should Know

Babies are the most exciting little beings who make parents laugh when they are in the utmost stress, or when they are angry at someone. However, this can be vice versa if your child does something wrong by his/her aggressive behavior like knocking down another baby, then it can make your mood shift from normal to creepy.

When you become parents, you have to analyze your child’s behavior as it is said that one gets to know in the early phase of a toddler that what he will be like in his future. This is said by most of our grandparents as it is commonly observed that whatever traits the little ones have, they remain the same in the later phase of adulthood in that person.

For instance, a child who is quiet most of the time being a toddler will be low and calm in the later stages of life, too whereas violent ones are ready to fight from fresher to later ages of life.

. Noisy Children vs Cool And Calm

Noisy child

Babies are flowers who are yet to be developed in terms of traits, personalities and behaviors. Some are expressing themselves loud at the top of their lungs, crying continuously when they cannot speak and when he grows up and is able to express, then he is constantly making noise via any means, this is a way to look for consideration.

Such kids are attention seekers who want their loved ones to supervise them at all times of the day, on the contrary some children are on their cool and calm mode who are playing with their toys, at times they are too busy to observe themselves for e.g. analyzing their hands, feet, fingers, etc. or the dolls and cars around them. Such children are easy to handle.

calm child

However, you should look for activities to make the noisy toddlers to calm down via playing soothing music around them. This is a way to neutralize their behavior, and the ones who are quiet should be sometimes entertained with loud and noisy music which can make them responding in a lively manner.

. Easy To Adjust vs Troublesome

trouble child

A baby who is given a cerelac diet daily, is given a mashed banana in milk instead, can react in two ways. Either he/she will love experiencing the new taste; on the other hand some children will simply puke, not liking the flavors and feeling disturbed with the different food.

This can be the case with various stuff he/she uses for instance the blankets, spoon, clothing, etc. if they feel the new colors, taste or material around them they can be very happy showing the liking towards the altered surroundings, while the children can be very fussy with the dissimilar stuff. This shows that few children are quite specific in their liking and adjustment, and can be helped by alarming them in advance if there are changes to be made.

nice child

For example if the baby is going for a shower before a sound sleep, then ring a bell or play music showing him/her water flowing in a tub. If they are easy to adjust, then continue making versatile experiences with them such as, playing with the plasticine, puzzles, and soft toys; at times do different things like dancing and singing poetry making them learn alphabets.

. Mingling Up vs Isolation Lovers

lonely child

Do your kids love to socialize? Reacting positively towards new faces or they are inflexible with the fresh outsiders? These are two different characteristics of toddlers. Parents need to teach them by meeting up with new people in their lives and responding happily. You should not tell people in front of the child, that he is fussy or he is rude.

Instead, you should tell them that he is slow to adapt.  As a result, the child will consider that his parents are in his favor, and will try to mingle up with the fresh faces around him. However, the ones loving isolation should be indulged to play with new toys daily, or he should be shown different actors, cartoons and characters, in order to make him social.

social child

You need to seriously pay attention in this developing phase of children, that what are their behaviors and if they are too loud then how you can slow them, and vice versa. This will help the nation to have majority of the person bearing positive attitudes, and a synchronizing society as a result.

Examine your kid personality type. Simply follow these tips and hints.

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