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Babies are the most sensitive member of a family and their comfort is utmost important. But having babies does not mean that one cannot go out on long trips and relax. If you are worried about your babies comfort here is something that can help you travelling with your baby, keeping you relaxed, your baby happy and comfortable.

There is no need to spoil your fun and relaxation time worrying about where your baby is going to sleep safe and sound. For this purpose many companies have produced a wide range of baby travelling cots in order to accommodate your baby and you. This facility has eased up many parents and enabled them to travel with their little one anywhere they want, any time. If you get the right type of travel cot for your baby, you will definitely provide your baby a night good sleep.

Now it is time to choose the right travel cot and in order to do that you need take in account few major things that are the age of the baby, stability and reliability of the cot followed by the size and weight of the travelling cot and most importantly your budget and cost of the cot. Buying an expensive travel cot should not be on your priority list instead you should focus on the quality of the cot because most of the times brands and expensive cots end up being just a show off as they are unable to make your baby rest soundly.

Things to ponder upon:

• Age of the baby:

There are different cots available in the market for babies of different age, starting from new born babies till few years’ old ones. It is suggested to follow the age limit mentioned by the manufacturers.

baby cots

• Easier to use:

you should always buy the type of cot that is easier to use and can be quickly assembled anytime without taking any help by others.

• Weight of the cot:

The lighter the better. Traveling means you already have enough luggages’ to carry as there are a lot other necessities of you as well as your baby. Therefore, do not go for too heavy cots as it will be hard for you to carry it along especially if you are not going on your personal vehicle.

• Size of the cot:

The size matters because if the travelling cot would be too large, it would be hard for you to adjust it in your car or any transport that you would be going by. Besides that it would take too much space and you will have to either leave it behind or leave your other essential behind.

• Ratability and Quality of cot:

The quality matters as your baby would be relying on it completely for his/her sleep. It should be strong enough to bear the weight and movements of the baby.


• Cost:

Don’t run after expensive traveling cots if you don’t travel quite often as it would not be worth spending too much money if you would not be using it every now and then. Besides that babies grow at a higher peace and you might have to buy a new one considering your baby’s size.

Cots available in the market:

Following types of cots are available in the market as well as online, that will help you make a better choice.

• Travel Cot Light:

This is best for newly born babies and babies till the age of 3 years. It is stylish and easy to use.

• Hauck Disney – Spring in the Woods:

This cot is durable and easy to carry. Its design is based on Disney theme which is really attractive and an amazing gift for your newly born baby.

• Travel Cot, Safari:

Its designed is completely based on the comfort of the baby because it is simple and easy to use as it can be folded with one hand.

baby cot

• Bubble Travel Cot:

This is good for travelling especially when you are going out on a beach or pool side, it will keep your baby warm and protect him from sand.

Above mentioned are few travelling cots that would help you make a better choice for your baby’s travelling cot.

Baby cots are one of the most needed baby item. It helps to carry the baby comfortable anywhere while traveling.

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