Your Baby’s Bowels and Constipation

Child health has been the major concern of every parent from the time they become parents. It is the responsibility of every parent to take care of their child health, take precautionary measures before a disease becomes contiguous and create problem for their child health leaving the little one in pain. When a mother gives birth to a child she should be fully prepared in her mind with the basic child health care tips so that child health is not affected in the future because of these child health care tips. If the mother knows these child health care tips she can protect her child’s health against many diseases.

Baby bowels and constipation, a topic related to science of human is directly linked to the protection of adult or child’s health against diseases. Baby bowel is referred to as the discharge of excretory wastes in the form of feces from the body of infants. When a baby is born its bowels are usually in mucous usually known as meconium. The first three days it is greenish black but changes as the diet of the infant changes. It is very important for the child health to excrete the bowel out of the body as it may at time contain nitrogenous waste which will otherwise harm the child’s health. The infants are usually depending on the mother feed for the nutrition; take in liquid so their bowels may be in infrequent manner as most of the nutrients are absorbed within the body leaving a very little to excrete, it does not have any harmful effect on child’s health. At times obstruction in passage of bowel due to some blockage in intestine, dehydration in body or any other reason may happen, which results in constipation in infants, which may cause harmful effect on child’s health. This has been a major cause of many death in infants n the past.

Causes of constipation:
Some of the causes of constipation in infants are:

• Dehydration-if a baby is not getting enough fluid it will result in dehydration and the body will absorb more water from the things the baby is taking in.
• Starting up with solid food-it may also cause constipation in infants in the beginning as the digestive track is not use to solid food.
• Formula– If your baby is on formula, it’s possible that something in her formula is making her constipated.
• Other medical problems-it includes hypothyroidism, some metabolic disorders, some food allergies and botulism.

How to prevent constipation in infants:
These are certain child health care tips to protect the child’s health from constipation which can affect the child’s health and excretion badly:

• Keep the baby hydrated.
• Switch the type of formula you use.
• Add a little non-absorbable sugar or dark fruit (prune or pear) juice to your baby’s formula.
• Adjust the baby’s solid food diet high in fiber; add dairy products, cereals, bananas.
• Keep the baby active. Low activity levels can lead to constipation.
• Massage the baby’s stomach.
• You can also insert a glycerin suppository to help a baby pass a hard stool.

The protection of child health against diseases is very important for every parent. Baby’s bowel, excretory waste changes with the diet of baby, its obstruction can cause constipation which can result in harmful effect in infants. By knowing the cause a

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