Easy Tips to make you exercise

Everyone wants to lose that extra flab around the belly and look slim and attractive. The first solution that hits our mind is exercising. But, the only dilemma most of us face is how to get ourselves in that frame of mind and get into the ‘get up and go’ passion. Well, take our word for it, by the end of this article, you’ll be amazed with the passionate feelings building in you to get in your exercise suit, get set and go!

Follow the tips and get that initial feeling and stimulus to make it happen.

Get motivated and make a goal to achieve:

Inspiration is the key to everything. So get yourself motivated by those around you who keep themselves fit and healthy through various kinds of exercises. Who said you can’t look as attractive as them? You can too, but if only you put in the same effort as they do and have enough motivation to get in shape. Next, make a goal for yourself to achieve. Encourage yourself to lose say 5 pounds by the end of first 30 days of your duration and gradually increase the limit and effort to lose more pounds every following month. This is how you plan your exercise regime and control your eating habits, accordingly.  You’ll be seeing effective results in a matter of days. Imagine the thrill and excitement of finally being able to fit yourself in your favorite dresses, which nearly seemed impossible a considerable time ago.

Get membership at the gym where your friends workout:

Join the gym where your friends workout, it can help in getting you in a habitual practice, since you can get double benefits: fitness and a good hangout with friends. You’ll automatically feel yourself in a competition with them. This challenging atmosphere helps a great deal, since each one of you competes to get in shape. But, take our advice, do not get a membership at a gym filled with macho-built people or athlete types, as even if you lose 5 pounds, your hard work would hardly be noticeable and instead, you would get dispirited and probably might let go of the endeavor.

Find a suitable time for you:

There is no specific time for exercising. So, don’t bother yourself of waking up with the sun coming up. You can as well work out anytime of the day that suits you.

You are gym-ing – Spread the word around:

As funny as it sounds, it’s justly worthwhile. With the whole world knowing about your newfound passion, you are easily going to lose 15 kilos by 4 months.  Since, you’ll want to save yourself from humiliation and people talking, you’ll be putting in your best effort to look good and meet expectations.

Nagging helps:

No, seriously! Sounds crazy but it works just fine! Make your partner to nag you, if you try getting offtrack. Remember, it would only be you who would get affected, either you choose to or not to exercise. Don’t cheat yourself. Nagging would surely not make you forget your New Year resolution.

Prove your friends:

Isn’t it so, that whenever you plan to do something, your friends would laugh it off and probably think you just talk and are far from practical implementation. Well, this will motivate you to gearing up and proving your point. Tell them, “Yes, I can lose extra fat and I will make you all see it!” but, do not lose heart when the results are not showing as fast as you expected.

Join a group:

Even if you do not have friends at your gym, join a group. This restores confidence in you that you are not alone in your mission for becoming slimmer and eye-catching. Moreover, it will become difficult for you to cheat or give up on your efforts, with so many around you to get motivated from. 

Make exercising fun:

Don’t take exercising as some loathing task. Enhance you interest by Put on some music of your choice. Apart from your gym routine, make cycling, bike riding, swimming, playing soccer and tennis an everyday habit.

Walk everyday:

Go for a brisk walk daily for at least 30 to 45 minutes, either in the mornings or evenings. Prefer walking with your friends. It will not just be healthy, but at the same time will be fun to gossip.

Everyone wants to lose that extra flab around the belly and look slim and attractive. The first solution that hits our mind is exercising. But, the problem is how to make one exercise?

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