Ready to spend for 24k Gold Plated Electric Segwhee?

For your next big spend, consider the 24k Gold Plated electric Segwheel from Goldgenie for $44,000.

In the event that you’ve come to a point in your affluent life when you were pondering exactly where to spend a couple of measly thousands, maybe you could consider a Segwheel. Obviously without a doubt you would as of now have one, however surely not one that was uniquely created by British extravagance customization authorities, Goldgenie.

Goldgenie has created a luxurious gold plated bicycle a self-balancing electric uniwheel in a 24k gold finish.

The straightforward and exceptionally versatile method of individual transportation lets clients direct themselves by basically changing their weight on the pedals on which they remain: by inclining forward or in reverse, clients can control the vehicle to go ahead, quicken, decelerate, brake or turn.

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Goldgenie Electric Segwheel Pictures

On the off chance that you’re pondering, the Segwheel accompanies discretionary stabilizers that will guarantee you don’t lose your parity and essentially tumble off. Its lightweight outline makes it simple to jump and bounce off and stowaway or bear without any difficulty.

Goldgenie Electric Segwheel Photos

The device is touted to go up to 11mph (18km/hr) for about 7.4 miles (12km) on a 45 minute charge. A mere $44,123 (exc. VAT including shipping and insurance) will get you this slick and highly ostentatious ride which is available to order exclusively from Goldgenie. The 24k Gold Segwheel can be delivered anywhere in the world so no worries.

Goldgenie Electric Segwheel Images

24k Gold Plated Segwheel Video by fashioncentralpk

24k- gold bicycle from-Goldgenie-3 is a newly launched self-balancing electric Segwheel worth $44,000.

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