Some Tips About Grooming and Cologne

Grooming is the most important thing in life of everyone. With time and fashion trends everyone grooms their selves. Especially the place man live in or workplace men go are the most important place which helps a man in his grooming. Grooming includes every single activity of a man. One of the grooming parts of man is colognes.

Every man wants to smell good, whether to attract a woman or for his own self-satisfaction.  Most of the people lay in the first category. Cologne has a special effect on the six senses of a woman. So to attract any woman this is important that you choose your perfume intelligently. If you smell good then automatically woman will take you as a handsome hunk. If you had an amazing time with her and you were wearing awesome cologne then that cologne is like an icing on the cake. Whenever she will pass through any perfume store or anyone wearing that cologne that smell will take her to the time when she was with you. This was all about choosing the cologne.

Now we all know that importance of cologne in grooming. The other most important thing is to apply your cologne on the right place of your body. This is the part where most of us lack some typical skills. What we all do is take our cologne and just spray it all over our clothes. This is the wrong way to apply the cologne. The main idea behind applying the cologne is that your body will smell good not your clothes.

There are five easy steps to apply cologne for grooming:

  1. First step is to apply the cologne in your hands.
  2. 2nd step is to rub your hands.
  3. 3rd step is to rub your hands on your neck.
  4.  4th step is to rub your hands behind your ear.
  5. Now spray your cologne on your chest.

This is the right way to apply cologne. Cologne should be applied on the body parts from where most of the heat is generated. Those body parts are behind the ear, neck, wrist and chest. You should also apply your cologne on your clothes. But that doesn’t mean that you take a bath in it. Just spray your cologne in air and walk through it. This will give your clothes a light good smell of your cologne. This will be socially acceptable and will not give headache to anyone with its strong scent.

Cologne is very important part of men grooming. It should be chosen very wisely and applied suitably where needed. Never over wear apply cologne.

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