Quick Summer Beauty Checklist

Summer is all around. Days are long and the sun is literally bright these days. In hot summer season, mostly people become lazy and even ignore their care. These hot and lazy days can take their toll if you are not careful about your beauty regimen. Summer brings itself a number of problems. In summer your hair, skin and nails need some extra care.

Here is a checklist for you so that you can easily get through this summer without forgetting your beauty regimen. This quick summer beauty checklist will help you to feel good and fresh in this summer. The summer time can be the best for you if you follow some basic rules.

Replace your face wash

Start from your face wash. Summer is a time to replace your cleanser. You should use cleanser that is oil free and has a minimum SPF 15. It will protect you from harmful UV rays. After cleansing your face you must use toner to make your skin glowing.

Apply light makeup

In summer less is the best. Apply lighter makeup and try to enhance your natural look. Use matte powder over foundation with SPF which keeps you safe from patches when you sweat. Avoid eye makeup and use waterproof eye liner and mascara. Don’t forget to carry makeup remover with you so that you can avoid dark circles that is often caused by water proof makeup. Carry blotting paper with you for removing makeup.

Wash face at night

Always wash your face at night before going to bed. Though you apply light makeup in summers, it does not mean that you don’t have to wash your face. Even light makeup can cause breakout when coupled with nighttime sweat.

Apply lip balm and liner

Apply lip balm with SPF 15 to keep your lips looking pert and fresh. Lips are incredibly most sensitive towards UV rays. You can also apply lip gloss to protect your lips. If you want to apply lipstick then you have to spend thirty seconds to apply lip liner because steamy heat tends to melt the lipstick causing it to smear and run.

Rehydrate your hair

Don’t go outside without taking shower. Use shampoo and condition your hair on daily basis. In the sun, hair becomes dry due to the sun and chlorine. Deep conditioning is essential in summer for at least once a week. You must spend 20 minutes once a week in applying a rich conditioning mask to your hair. It will rehydrate your hair.  

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen while going outside. You must apply sunscreen especially on the areas which are more exposed to the sun. Use sunscreen containing SPF 30 or more. Apply sun block for a couple of time in one day. It will protect you from UV rays.

Keep yourself safe from hot summers. Keep yourself hydrated adding essential nutrients to your diet. Intake the juices and food that are rich in vitamin C. Avoid the heavier fats and proteins. The most important is to take at least eight hours sleep in the summer so that you can be relax and have good looks in this summer.

Summarize your beauty routine. Stay pretty and fresh and feel fabulous in this summer. Have a look at quick summer beauty checklist to make you ready for this summer. This checklist will ease up your some of the beauty routines.

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