Winter Nail Polish Colors a Paved Path to Glitz and Glamour

As winters are approaching, so is the fashion consciousness for the season. Although there has been a lot influence of weather on clothes and necessities yet it implies impact on all the other aspects of the women.

From hair to toes, fingers and nails. Oh, wait what? Did you just hear nails? Did she?  Well, yes folks you have guessed right, today’s agenda is the nail polish colors for the winters to look classy trendy and fashion fabulous!

Here you go:

Light Gold 

The gold polish is the new trend this winter. The light bright gold with shimmer is surely your go for the winter nail polishes this season. It is swanky and full of glamour yet elusive to be worn on regular basis.

Cobalt Blue

Oh yes, this winter nail polish is for sure a hit! It heightens up your attitude. Not so electric yet bright enough to elate your fashion persona.


Yes, it’s a go go go for winter nail polishes! Another name for this color is oxblood. Those who seek the highest of being the trendy ones. With the intense hues of red and closer to the darker blood red, this color stands out as its own effluence of fashion. It’s a day and an evening wear color.

Ruby red

Another note for the best winter nail polish choices is the ever so famous ruby red. Red is class, red is a model color in fashion. To compliment the imperial looks of winters, ruby red is the best to go!

Metallic grey

Although grey belongs from the neutral tones of color yet it fits the perfect aura of fashion this winter. And that is does by the dark shade of grey, actually the metallic grey which has an edge of sexiness than the regular pale grey. Hence it makes a very good winter’s nail polish.


Yes, plum is a sure go for winters. It is an opulent color with very royal shades. They usually inspired dark looks as that of gothic looks. The outfits that are an inspiration from the baroque era are well-fir for this color.


Green is an everlasting color for fashion. Especially the darker version of green with traces of metallic essence. This is your color for the winter nail polishes this season.

Orange red

The orange and red tones combine to form the color vermilion. It is bright nail polish which can be carried with a variety of looks and at different timings of the day. It is a good winter nail polish to try this season.

Midnight blue

When royal blue turns all royal blue with traces of metallic shine that is when it’s called midnight blue. You can use it as a substitute to the color black. It is a must have for the winter nail polishes collections.

Well, these nail polish colors for all season but in winters it holds more fashion accountability because of this color complimenting with the winter outfits. Hence a very good winter choices for nail polish colors.

So, these are some of the sexy shades one can put on during winters. Little bit of fun and little joys of life are the soul way to happiness and this nail painting is an indeed blissful joy to endeavor. Till then Happy Application!

Author: Haadiyah Mujahid

This article here is your guide to the best winter nail polish colors to be worn this season.

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