An Exclusive Interview with Ali Malik – (CEO) Vision Events International

Ali Malik, the CEO of Vision Events International is a highly professional event planner and organizer in Pakistan working from more than a decade. Studied from Richmond University with majors in International Business.

Ali is the pioneer of introducing fresh young talent at international forums. He has not only given chance to the emerging designer, fashion models and jewelry artists but also provided them a platform to showcase their work at global level. He is known for arranging more than 3 to 4 fashion show each year, both at national and international level.

Currently, he is working closely with acclaimed designers, brands, models, makeup artists and singers for his upcoming projects. Ali is known for organizing one of the best fashion events that take place twice a year at global level namely Asian Fashion Fusion, Night of Fashionistas, Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza (in collaboration with Fashion Central as Media Partner) and Rhythm of Asia.

Fashion Central brings you an interesting interview of Ali Malik.

1. Share Your Personal Profile With Us?

I completed my schooling from highly selective, prestigious semi-private boy school Atchison College. Then I persued my Bachelors Degree in International Business from The University of Richmond. I am happily married having three children. I remained the Asian Continental Leader during my High school and represented Pakistan at different forums. Moreover, I was the cricket team captain at Aitchison College.

2. Kindly Tell Us About “Vision Events International"?

Vision Events International established in 1998. The Company with its offices in Pakistan, England and now in Canada has successfully arranged and managed numerous events in Pakistan & England Simultaneously. The head quarter is based in Lahore, whereas the brand offices are located in London, Canada and New York.

Vision Events International is an event management organization that specializes in event management, promotion and planning. One of the pioneers of the Pakistan Fashion shows planning concept in United Kingdom, we ensure both success and perfection when it comes to the complex handling of the minute details surrounding these events.

Our business model lays strong emphasis on two aspects: "Customer Satisfaction and Diversification".

We believe in round the clock customer support and advisory services ensuring that the client is kept well informed of details along the way and is up until here satisfied. The latter, diversification, ensures that the services Vision Events International provides are ample in variety, suiting to the various needs and specifications of the customer.

The company also provides facilities in latest sound system, lighting equipments, audiovisuals, performance stages, pyro’s & confetti of international standards in Pakistan, England & now in Canada.

Vision Events International

3. What Does Vision Events International Specializes In?

Vision Events International is an event management solution providers that manages the PR, promotion and brand recognition for artists, celebrities, television personalities, models and fashion designers domestically and globally. We strive for ‘Excellence in all our Endeavors’. We are Proud to facilitate our Clients with a Variety of Entertainments under One Roof.

4. Share Your Career Profile With Us? How Have Started All This?

This event management company started in 1988 when I first decided to come up with something that people will remember for years. The first fashion show I planned was”BEST OF LAHORE”. This fashion show took place in Avari, makeup and styling by Depilix and chorography by HSY events. Almost 10 designers participated in Best of Lahore Fashion Show with many acclaimed designers namely Nelofir Shahid, Nicki and Nina, Maria B., Lace and many more.

5. Where Are Your Offices Located?

The Company with its offices in Pakistan, England and now in Canada has successfully arranged and managed numerous events both in Pakistan and England simultaneously. The sister concern company is based in Canada “Vision Events Canada" handled by Ian Chaudhry and the other one is Alley (New York, NY) “Vision Events USA”. THE Islamabad office is handled by Mr. Muhammad Hassan.

6. Who Generally Contact Your Company and For What Purpose?

From fashion designers to the top ballet and cabaret of the world to the famous international bands and singers every one approached us because of our 15 years of remarkable experience. The reason why people approached us is “We take them too seriously” and work enthusiastically to make their brand live and positioned permanently into the minds of people.

The big names like Bombay Rockers, Stereo Nation, RDB, Sukhbir Singh, Rabi Shergill, Jazzy B, Girls Band Rouge, Sophie & to the famous Bollywood stars, singers & Deejays have performed in collaboration with our company in different countries.

7. What Brings Out The Most Excitement For You In Event Planning?

The most exciting aspects is organizing and marketing the event layout. I’d say that “I’m pretty excited throughout the whole process, but more when I am talking and coordinating with all the designers, models, sponsors who will be making it happen along with me, I envision it in my head and hope that it comes out as glamorous as I think it will be. To make it the most memorable experience for the spectators”.

8. If You Had To Describe Yourself As Detail-Oriented Or Big-Picture Oriented, Which Would You Choose? Why?

According to me “Every Tiny Little Detail is Important” when the aim is to meet the requirements of clients in a satisfactory manner. “I enjoy visualizing the big picture, then adjusting the details accordingly. A little bit of both. I love making sure the little details are perfect because in the end the big picture relies on the little details when it comes to the day of execution”.

Vision Events International

9. Name The Designers And Artists You Have Worked With? Name The Models To Whom You Have Given A Platform To Start Their Career?

Up to 200 designers from UK, USA, Canada, Middle East, Canada, and Toronto have worked with us to showcase their work worldwide. The designers we have worked for are HSY, Nomi Ansari, Faiza Sami, Hajra Hayat, Asfa & Nabeel, Elan, Goal, Lajvanti, Umer Syed, Nicki And Nina, Gul Ahmed and many known names.

The jewelry brand designers include Bushra Aftab (Diamond Jewelry), Sonar, ENNZ Jewelry, Reem Abbasi and Nazeen Tariq Khan have also showcased their intricate fashion accessories at different fashion shows.

We have also worked closely with Ali Azmat, Strings, Humera Arshad, Annie Khalid, Umer Sharif, Jawad Ahmed, Brogzins (Mustafa Zahid), Bombay Rockers, Stereo Nation and many of the acclaimed artists.

Gven an opportunity to the emerging new talent at an international level. Many of the fresh models like Noorey Bhatti, Kiran Malick, Esshal, Sabika and Sadaf Khan took their career start from our platform and became integral part of global fashion parades.

10. What Are The Current Projects You Are Focusing On?

Recently, Vision Events International has set up an International Multi Brand store in Manchester where up to 10 designers will be stocking, both national and international. Seven Pakistani designers, one UK designers and 2 jewelry designers have showcased their luxurious prêt a porter seasonal collection out there.

11. What Are Your Upcoming Projects?

Night of Fashionistas’, fashion show whisch is going to be  held on 19th December in Islamabad in collaboration with Volunteer Women Organization for Fund Raising. The venue will be Pak-China Friendship Centre.

The second event we are focusing on is Berger Color Vogue 2014, which will be held in January, this is going to be the third show to take place in Karachi. The first two shows were held in Lahore and Islamabad.

12. What Are The 3 Things You Would Never Want To Happen At Your Event?

• The hall shouldn’t be vacant

• Any technical default or shortage during the event.

• Dress malfunctioning cause to the model staff or designer.

Ali Malick Vision Events International

13. Kindly share the list of events you have managed in past?

Some conspicuous EVENTS coordinated & managed by Vision Events International are

01. Stereo Nation in Pakistan & England
02. Sukhbir Singh in Pakistan & England & Girls Band Rouge & Sophie in London
03. Fashion Show with Top six Designers
04. RDB & Jazzy B in Karachi
05. Grand Music Masti in London
06. AKS Cabaret Night for Royal Palm Clubs 4th Anniversary Grand Finale
07. Turkish High Commission Fund Raising Ball with Sargodhian Spirit Trust
08. Basant Carnival with Bombay Rockers at Royal Palm Club
09. Escorts Foundation Ball 2001 Featuring Vegas Show Girls
10. VWO annual Charity Ball with Bombay Rockers in Islamabad 2007
11. International Exposure Exhibition 2007
12. Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza in Islamabad 2007
13. Tribute to Madam Noor Jehan in London 2008
14. Spirit of Independence in London 2008
15. Asian Fashion Extravaganza Dubai 2009
16. Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza London 2009
17. Rhytbri of Asia London 2009 Montage Lahore 2009
18. Blast From the Past 2009
19. Islamabad Asian fashion Fusion London 2009
20. Melange London 2010
21. Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza 2010
22. Rhythm of Asia 2010
23. Oriflame Managers Seminar 2010
24. Pakistan Montage Lahore 2010
25. Melange 2011 London
26. Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza London 2011
27. Raag Malhaar London 2011
28. Rhythm of Asia Manchester 2011
29. Montage 2011 Lahore
30. Asian Fashion Fusion 2011 London- twice a year
31. Night of Fashionistas Islamabad 2012
32. Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza 2012
33. London -25th & 26th May
34. Manchester -27th & 28th May
35. Toronto – 1st & 2nd June
36. New York – 8th & 9th June
37. Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza 2012- Toronto June 1st & 2nd.
38. Berger Color Vogue" Pakistan 2013
39. "Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza London 2013"
40. Rhythm of Asia Manchester 2014
41. Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza 2014 UK & USA!!!
42. Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza 2014 London, LA & New York

14. What is the largest event (based on budget or number of attendees) you have ever planned or assisted with planning?

The largest event based on budget was “The spirit of Independence” that was organized to celebrate 61st Anniversary of Pakistan. This event took place in London and has the capacity of 15,000 attendances. More than 8,000 attendees showed up. It was the huge event of its time with the total budget of PKR, 400, 84,025/- i.e 250000 GBP.

15. If you have multiple projects on your plate, how do you handle completing them on time?

I prioritize projects based on their business importance. Set clear timelines for each so that you know which ones to knock out first. Get my teammates in loop to help if necessary.

16. Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a difficult situation during an event? How you dealt with it? What was the result?

It was our first experience of organizing an event at a farm house in Lahore, during the function the generator went shut down. Instead of creating a fuss we managed to handle the situation with intelligence, we lit the stage lights showing that the switching of lights is the part of the show.

Vision Events International

Ali Malik - the CEO of Vision Events International talks with Fashion Central with his personal and professional life experiences.

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