Beat the Rain In Style

Don’t let the rainy season ruin your days. Whatever may the weather be, staying stylish is the key to looking different and setting your mark. Monsoon clothes for men come in a variety of range to choose from. Preparing yourself for monsoons can be very exciting. Downpour, no doubt, affects the routine, but don’t let it ruin your style. Welcome the rain with monsoon style trend by buying these things:

1.    Umbrella:

The umbrella is your partner in the rain. It can be a simple monsoon style trend to carry an umbrella along with your brief case to work or during a walk in the park. Whatever may the purpose be, make sure you are not just carrying it for fashion but the shade is sturdy, light weight and is supported by steel frames for wind resistant. No doubt umbrellas are a typical monsoon style for men to carry during the unpredictable rainy days. Mostly made from nylon and polyester, taffeta monsoon umbrellas are resistant to tear.

2.    Shoes:

Blend in the monsoon style trend by setting aside your leather shoes and bringing out your rubber sole collection. Leather shoes will not only skid on wet floors, but the sole will be damaged once it gets wet. If you have to go to work, make sure you have nice shoes that keep the water away. Sneakers or easily washable shoes are also an alternate. If you feel like dancing in the rain, the best monsoon style for men is to wear rubber sandals or flip flops.

3.    Trench coats:

Coming in a variety of different colors, putting on a trench coat is the best monsoon style for men. If you want to be a true gentleman, you can get one tailor made. Trench coats can be worn on any clothing and can be easily carried by everyone on all sorts of clothing from business suits to T-shirt and a pair of jeans. A coat with a hood is also a good monsoon style trend that will ensure your hair don’t get wet in case you left your umbrella home.

4.    Monsoon Jackets:

Being a stylish man means standing out from the crowd. During a rainy day, the challenge is to remain dry in style. Monsoon clothes for men are not just limited to T shirts and a pair of shorts but good waterproof rain jackets have always been a favorite monsoon style trend. These jackets are lightweight and keep you comfortable and dry when the weather becomes wet. Yellow seems to be the monsoon style for men.

Apart from the obvious monsoon season accessories listed above, you can also go for hooded jackets and rain coats which you can easily buy from any men’s store. These products not only make you look and feel better, but they will also be gentle on your pocket. During monsoons, make sure you check the weather before leaving your home and carry along a good rain wear to protect you if Mother Nature decides to shower on you.

No matter what the weather, beat it in style. Whether you are dressed casual or formal, rainy days can be quite challenging. It is time to stop wishing for rain to go away and upgrade your wardrobe with some monsoon clothes for men along with the latest m

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