Men’s Shave To Drive Her Wild

Do you know that beard of around 3 4 days or clean shave to drive her wild. It’s your option what you want to do. If you want to look rough and tough then you should go for the 1stoption shave to drive her wild. If you want to look clean and gentleman then you know what you should do. Clean shave doesn’t only means that you just clear your beard from your face. Actually it means to clear your beard and get a smooth skin. If you want to drive her crazy then don’t let your hidden copper wire hair to turn her off. Men’s shaving is a difficult task. While shaving your beard, you just don’t only remove your hair, some of your thin skin is also removed which causes irritation. You should take care of your skin by following men shaving tips.

To get a shave to drive her wild this is important to get a smooth shave. There can be main four men shaving tips which men should follow to get a smooth and fine shave to drive her wild.

Four shaving tips:

Shaving tip no. 1: Shave after taking shower
You should make shaving your last step after shower. This shaving tip should be made habit by every man. At that time it is easy to shave as your skin is well hydrated and smooth. Do not use towel after taking bath. Directly go for shaving to get a smooth shave to drive her wild. The smoother the shave the more she will enjoy to touch you.

Shaving tip no. 2: Lubricating
Lubrication is very important shaving tip. Try to not act miser while using gel or shaving foam. This creates a thin layer between your skin and sharp blade. This will save you from getting cuts or irritation. You know you don’t want her to see any scar when she is close to you.

Shaving tip no. 3: Go with the hair line
This is very important shaving tip. Many people just go straight on shaving without knowing about the texture of their beard. Never ever shave in the opposite direction to your hair texture. This will decrease the probability of get cuts or irritation. This will also give you a shave to drive her wild.

Shaving tip no. 4: Keep yourself clean and after shave
While shaving there is a probability that your thin skin will be scraped away by the blade. So keep your hands clean so that germs do not catch your skin and turns into a pimple. Also use an uncontaminated towel after shaving to keep your skin healthy and fresh. After rinsing off water by towel apply after shave. This gel has the strong fragrance which attracts women. Many women has approved to this point.

Every man wants to attract her woman towards him by all means. One of the crazy mean is by smooth shave. Try following shaving tips and drive her wild by a new approach.

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